Is Organic SEO a Fruit or Vegetable?

Is Organic SEO a Fruit or Vegetable?

Is Organic SEO a Fruit or Vegetable?

             If you have a website and ask the above question, you really need to read this. If, however, you have experience with Organic SEO, this first article is not for you. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This does NOT mean optimizing search engines such as Google or Yahoo. SEO is the “science” behind  your website ranking with the various search engines on a results page of an Internet query without paying for your position. WHAT??? Simply- SEO helps your website show up in a search result when someone is looking for your product or service. The higher on the list that you “show up” or rank, the better exposure you have to these potential visitors.  .

            What is Organic SEO you may ask… For your website to rank with the search engines “naturally” (organically), your website will be placed within the search results in the list of 10 companies on that page: an example of this is:     

            Why is Organic SEO important to your business? I am assuming that those reading this are somewhat comfortable with the Internet and your business does have a website (if your answer is no to the previous statement- welcome to 2008). Did you know that the second highest Internet activity is the act of searching using search engines( second behind e-mailing if your were curious)? Also, 85% of those Internet users will buy from those companies ORGANICALLY listed. How much business are you losing from not being organically optimized? It has also been shown that your rate of return is the highest for organic SEO marketing versus other forms. 

              If your website is NOT ranking (coming up) within the first three pages of a search for your service or product, you might at well not even be expecting sales from online traffic.Did you know that  93% of Internet users DO NOT look past the third page of their search results. Many small and mid sized companies can not compete with their larger competition for the top positions for paid Internet marketing. Paid positions and Internet marketing are like real estate; the best locations cost the most. Organic SEO allows the smaller companies to compete directly with their larger competition without needing their deep marketing budgets .

              How does Organic SEO work? SEO and ranking well is a moving target. Professional SEO firms have studied and are familiar with the search engines’ “formulas” for ranking sites. However, these engines are ever changing. There are very simple changes that you can make to your site to help- those will be discussed in a later issue. The most important stage of any SEO campaign is keyword research- again- we will discuss at a later date. Keyword analysis is the first step of any professional  SEO campaign.     

              Your homework is to come up with 5 keywords or keyphrases which you think potential visitors will be typing into Google, Yahoo or MSN to find your service or product. Then, contact me at with this list and I will tell you how many searches per day those keywords or phrases are receiving and where your site is ranking with those keywords.   

              I do hope that you now understand what SEO stands for and what is Organic SEO. If not- contact me directly to discuss this in further detail. Organic SEO is essential if you expect sales through your website. Don’t ignore the importance of it- your competitors aren’t!    

Kathleen Dorsey is the Founder of Global Results and has been a successful business owner since 1999. She enjoys given small to mid-sized companies the Internet marketing boost they need through Organic SEO techniques. She can be reached at 1-800-408-0093 x 210 or

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