Lychee Lovin’

Oh man, I made out like an organic bandit at the Farmer’s Market this week! My beautiful organic fruits are in season and I am well stocked for this week. I am feeling positive about including more variety into my diet and feeling spiritually moved to try harder this week after a pit of weight loss and severe food addiction issues. Raw food helps. Raw food heals. Raw food is real food, that’s all there is to it. Eat it, live it, be it. You’re worth it and I know I am too!
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  1. Guercinator says:

    I discovered you this evening and have been transfixed by your words, thoughts, images. I think you are amazing, brave, and just a very TRUE person. I love your outlook..your raw organic recipes, and your committment to recovery. You are SO the type of person I’d be privileged to hang out inspired by…. Peace! ~Lisa (Lyricsoul)

  2. dayamsta says:

    i had some today for the first time ever at the pan asian place and they were D E L I C I O U S!!!yummm im buying some tomorrow:) x

  3. dedrawilliams says:


  4. 1111tatyana says:

    lol.. thanks for the video… I bought lycees but needed some bravery to eat it… lol… thanks for giving me the courage… hmmm zucchini… I bought some at my farmers market too. Keep truckin!

  5. Vivacious18 says:

    Lychee!! They are so good!

  6. jdpasino says:

    You are so cute in this video! You made me smile.

  7. clrmurphy says:

    hehehe i live in Singapore so we get lychees all the time..

    OH by the way you pronounce it Lie-Chee. Like i lie down type thing. education for everyone =D

  8. SessanTunsberg says:

    I have been trying to find Lychee`s, but I havent found any yet…. I live in Norway.. and theres not to many stores that sell these fruits!

  9. sweetsmile1 says:

    oh and i can’t wait for the blackberries to get ready! oh yeah!

  10. MyOwnStickFigure says:

    Oh bother, girl if you are going to hook mme up then I am going to mofo splurge. Seriously, you best be dealing em up like Noah’s Ark – 2 of every kind.

    LOLOL cracking up

  11. HowBadDoiWantThis says:

    Hahaha!!! Oh Jonny, hilarious. I laughed aloud when I read your comment :) So cute:) And you should totally come to Berlin…. I’ll hook you up with a hottie. haha ;)

  12. MyOwnStickFigure says:

    LOL omg I got this in comment box and thought it was for me and was like, wait I dont have a BF and then I thought but wait … that might be fun… again… one day LOLOL!!!

  13. HowBadDoiWantThis says:

    haha!!! You’re cute. Yeah, it’s deliiiiicious. Definitely give him a reminder to bring you some!

    Enjoy your week!!!! Your boyfriend coming is something to celebrate :)

  14. chanceoperations says:

    i love bionade!! i went to europe for the first time to visit my german boyfriend for 7 weeks not long ago and i drank so much of it hehe. thanks for reminding me to tell him to bring some over to canada when he comes on wednesday!!:D

  15. MyOwnStickFigure says:

    Trust me, I completely agree. I do not want to go on the rest of my life just getting by. I want to thrive on life not just survive it. However, in the MOMENT I have to accept that I was getting by in order to not fall into guilt and shame. I am sure you know why now I identified that moment in time the way I did.

  16. NotUrTwin says:

    I love you Johnny, but something I have learned lately is that getting by is just not good enough for me. I would hate to have at the end of my life to have to describe my life as “I got by”. I can and and will beat this! Think about it, there is no failure here. I can either beat it or remain where I am. You Johnny, are way too vibrant to remain stagnant.

  17. Spiritualreality says:

    I’m craving lychee now. I’ve never had a lychee before. “a fruit orgasm in my mouth” Oh my :)

  18. HowBadDoiWantThis says:

    I am the same way….my house is a mess when my eating disorder is high level. completely reflects on everything… And I looooooove lycheeeeeeee. In germany they have this organic drink called bionade..lychee flavored and it’s insanely good. I should send you one!

  19. MyOwnStickFigure says:

    cute, I will look into it. As for music, I honestly listen to everything – whatever suits my mood. Lately it’s been a lot of relaxation music, Christian music, world/ethnic sounds, instrumentals, etc. In the past I have a high history of riot grrrl feminist punk rock … dirty rap… etc.

  20. xMadonnieSpearsx says:

    Oh ballerina Princess i sooo reccomend the perfect cd for u and the pink dreamer in u. Jewel’s new cd “Lullaby” is besauitful and its suppose to be a cd for babies to go to sleep too but i know u love to do inner child work and i think this cd is good for that. . im really intrested in that inner child stuff . how can i start. my favorite movie is THE NEVER ENDING STORY and LEGEND and RETURN TO OZ

  21. MyOwnStickFigure says:

    Ps where did you get your fresh lychees? an Asian store? If so, let me recommend some other Asian delights that I think you might enjoy or better yet, let’s go take a trip to gender fck the world and travel to tropical places to forage fruit!?

  22. MyOwnStickFigure says:

    Yumm! I am so happy for you. Btw. eat them chilled, they are the best treat chilled. I have never tried growing one, I bet they are so charming!

  23. MyOwnStickFigure says:

    LOL omg I know what you mean. People get way ahead of their own game at times. Everyone’s shit stinks at times, lol. I love your bluntness! I use it too! As for living space and eds – heck yes, total chaos. Everything if off balance when one area is off balance. My living space is majorly out of control when bingeing/bulimia is out of control. Part of my bulimia is major hoarding addiction, I hoard food under the influence. Then there are other factors… dishes, wrappers, crumbs, messes, trash

  24. xMadonnieSpearsx says:

    i would like to know what is ur favorite type of music Johnny? i ask that because i have such a passion for music and am so curious to know whose rocking ur ipod :) i can tell u mine if u tell me yours i have so many to list LOL

  25. xMadonnieSpearsx says:

    i like the fact that u said when ur doing bad with the food it reflects everything else even ur living space and everything and it reminds me of how i am too like that but yet when it happens i tell myself im lazy and feel ashamed and embarassed and don’t wanna know want to see myself becuase im afraid they might judge me.sweety ur doing good. u have so much awareness and light and whats fantastic about u and very Christ like is that u share the light. thanks sweety im basking in it

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