Mom’s Birthday Adventure Part Uno: “It’s ORGASMIC!”

This was taken on September 6, 2009, which is otherwise known as my mom’s birthday. :) Which explains why the three of us are up at Squam Lake, NH for the day, and why we’re all acting like loons. People: Me, my mom, and my dad. XD

Continued from part 1. Discussing late blight and its effects on a possible potato & tomato shortage. With an unusually cool and wet summer the fungus late blight is hitting early. For the first time plants sold in garden centers are contaminated and spreading the disease in home gardens. Late blight shows up as black spots on the leaves also a white mold. As it spreads the stocks turn black and die. The fungus also causes the fruit to rot. What is Late Blight? Potato famine disease striking home gardens in US Blight has tomato growers on alert Late blight reaches Ohio, threatens potatoes, tomatoes Late Blight Prediction in Maine (PDF fact sheet about late blight) Organic Alternatives for Late Blight Control in Potatoes Organic Management of Late Blight of Potato and Tomato with Copper Products The OMRI Products List Database Pest Management

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  1. NYpatriot607 says:

    Nice video. Out of 20 tomato plants, I think we ended up with about 20 tomato’s total. In upstate ny, alot of people around here had alot of trouble. Good luck.

  2. hcmatley31 says:

    My potatoes are done flowering and tomorrow I plan to remove all foliage and harvest the potatoes in a couple weeks. The potatoes are showing no sign of infection yet. Thanks for the post.

  3. hcmatley31 says:

    My home garden here in central Pa has been infected with late blight. I have 16 tomato plants. 10 I started from seed and six were purchased at a local plant sale. The 6 purchased showed signs of blight about 5 days ago. I destroyed 2 plants and started treating the rest with a fungicide 3 days ago. I hope it works. I have my fingers crossed but fully expect to lose most of them.

  4. odeswx says:

    Great news everyone! I just saw on the front page of CNBC, “Roubini Now Says The Worst Of Economic Crisis Is Over” :)

  5. dave777blaster says:

    Been 60 in the day and 40 at night
    no blight the flowers on the potato plants are just now about to open.
    growing 12 varieties that were grown from seeds
    not small potatoes which some people call seed.

    Rice is a big alternative to potato.

  6. hunt1803 says:

    Dug up one of the plants, and there were 10 medium potatoes – so have to harvest now and get it into storage, despite it being a smaller than expected crop.

  7. hunt1803 says:

    Hmmm. My potatoes were doing pretty good – planted them March 30th – Modoc red, Yukon Gold, and Purple Finger. Had a rainy spring, then dried out and got hot in mid-May…80′s to 100. Cool at night though, down to low 50′s, sometimes 40′s. I water deeply twice a week. Last week the potato vines all turned yellow and wilted back, the vine at ground level soft. This happened over the course of two days.

  8. mrgoodvibrations says:

    Thanx :)

  9. HomesteadAcres says:

    yes its a 1989 dodgeb150 ram van

  10. crasster1 says:

    natural gardening company (google it) has a lot of heirloom seeds. We have 6 Juliet tomato plants from them, that are giving us about a gallon of tomatoes a day!

  11. bearsagainstevil says:

    bordeaux mixture which is a mixture of copper sulphate and slaked lime works against potato blight ,also get rid of effected plants and burn

  12. BravoBigscreen says:

    Yep, gmo is a disaster waiting to happen, not necessarily because of the strains in and of themselves – although they are suspect – but because the gmo multinationals appear to want to eliminate , or at least conveniently ignore – necessity of natural organic diversification in favour of a patented monopoly on crop dna. Monsanto vs Schmeiser offers a glimpse into this spectre.

  13. mrgoodvibrations says:

    No more dollar menus at McD’s in the future. [ I noticed the pentastar on your steering wheel its a Mopar somthing? But what? just curious]

  14. susanloveshuskies says:

    Great information! Thank you. Good luck, and I would spray too in order to save the crop.

  15. charitonfarmer says:

    i agree, if this blight does effect the the potatoe and tomatoe crops that will be very costly later on this fall on the open markets. instead of paying 3 or 4 dollars for a ten pound bag you might be paying 6 to 7 dollars for a bag of potatoes. for a low income family that would be dramatic cost for them. what was a staple for there table will become a luxury purchase that they will cut back on.

  16. BLynchCAN says:

    Nightshade, no.

  17. BLynchCAN says:

    Oh my, I would not want to loose the crop.
    If vinegar would do it that would be great but if one spray other than a tea tree oil thing or soap. Big hopes to you, for no blight. Indeed, understanding but we need to protect our ‘selves’.

  18. optimeyez says:

    yesss!!!! again

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