Mono Orange Juice Diet—Day 55 ♥

A short video taken on Day 55 of an Organic Orange Juice Mono Diet ♥. For daily details, please see: I believe that Mono Orange Juice Diets have the potential to help the body to house-clean, whilst also providing great energy and great nutrients. With any raw diet, only your own body knows what works best for it, so this may not be the most optimal mono diet for everyone. So when deciding on a mono diet, listening to your own body is , I feel, vital. For more information on fruitarian, fruit and mono diets, please see my main website: Thank you for watching ♥
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  1. fruitbatanne says:

    I would suggest getting enough good quality fruit to meet your needs.
    I feel it is especially important in the beginning of a raw diet, to eat enough fruit to maintain your weight and energy.
    I would suggest getting in the fruits that you really enjoy and appeal to you.
    Many people find that the denser fruits such as Avocado and Durian are helpful if you crave cooked foods.
    Be aware of how cooked food makes you feel, but don’t be too hard on yourself if you do eat it ♥

  2. FahadRyu says:

    what should i do to stop craving cooked food. i dont meat or dairy.

  3. FahadRyu says:

    you are so shiny.

  4. pac0re says:

    @Fahad1422 Hey man… If you eat enough raw carbohydrates such as oranges or bananas you wont have any problems at the gym. Guaranteed :)

    I eat about 10 ripe spotty bananas before I work out or I dont work out.
    Its all about the glucose, the sweeter the fruit the more energy you get out of it. I might suggest that you drink 1 litre of water in the morning too and stay hydrated throughout the day. It really helps with fitness and wellbeing.

  5. fruitbatanne says:

    Thank you for your comment.
    How many Oranges depends on your individual needs. You need to juice enough; but what enough is, varies for each person.
    I have always had good energy and stamina on this diet.
    I also find Organic Oranges give me better energy than those grown with chemicals.
    So, I would juice enough Oranges to satisfy your energy needs, may be 30 Oranges, or more or less.
    Love and Peaches XX ♥

  6. Fahad1422 says:

    how many oranges a day?can i work out in gym with that kinna diet, i mean ill have the energy rite?

  7. hungrierthanuall says:

    @ilovepri one of the best things you can do for breakouts is juice dandelion root,and have lots of green juices you need to alkalize the blood stream.

  8. spruntfemalespray says:

    if u eat natural foods u look the exact same no diffeant, well maybe u have more muscle and better health, but peeps u dont gotta go nuts, just eat whole foods and no cooked fats=perfect health almost garenteed

  9. Xelmo187X says:

    @ilovepri i use to have sever acne, and now that i drink carrot and celery juice everyday my face has had dramatic results. Sometimes i add other veggies or fruits for flavor or extra nutrients but i never leave out the carrots and celery. i promise you if you try this you will NOT regret it! have a great day

  10. fruitbatanne says:

    Dear ilovepri,
    Thank you for your comment ♥
    I think that both fresh raw whole fruit fruit and fresh fruit juice have to be one of the best cosmetics for skin.
    Sometimes one can get break-outs of the skin, due to elimination, when one firsts goes on a fruit or juice diet, but when this stage is passed, in my experience, the skin gets smooth and tans easily.
    A low fat high fruit diet, in my opinion, gives great all-round health too.
    Love and Peaches XX ♥

  11. ilovepri says:

    your skin is really beautiful. I am struggling with my skin breaking out.. do u think a fruit juice diet will help my skin?

  12. imperfectionKillz says:

    I’m going to try this for a month this summer :)

  13. yogikanna says:

    Thank you Anne! will try it on a weekend. Seems like it might be worth doing for me atleast once a week. Peace and love!

  14. fruitbatanne says:

    As many as works best for you as an individual.
    Some days I will have 15, other days 25 or more.
    I go by my appetite and how I feel.
    Also I find that the quality of the Oranges affects the amount. If the Oranges are really ripe and organic, I tend to need less.
    Love and Peaches,
    from Anne XX

  15. yogikanna says:

    Thanks for sharing! How many oranges do you need per day? thanks again!

  16. sasesi87 says:

    is difficult to be fruitarians symbionts, I hope one day to be. here in Sicily is the suitable climate, but few people fruitarian. I would like to exchange many words with you. talk about their experiences.

  17. fruitbatanne says:

    Dear Sasesi87,
    Thank you for your comment.
    I think that, for me, as long as the acid ph fruits are perfectly ripe then there are no issues with my teeth. Where, I feel, acid fruits can be damaging to the teeth is when they are under ripe.
    Unfortunately, commercial Citrus and Pineapples are often picked under ripe.
    Love and Peaches,
    from Anne XX.

  18. fruitbatanne says:

    Dear drrudy1111,
    I feel that hand squeezed juice is more optimal because with the type of electric juicer I use (Breville Juice Fountain) there is heat generated in the juicing process.
    Also, if I juice each Orange separately, I can enjoy the individual flavour of each Orange.
    I do love Orange juice from electric juicers though, it is just on this juice fast I have been more drawn to hand-juicing.
    Wishing you a Beautiful Day.
    Love and Peaches,
    from Anne XX.

  19. drrudy1111 says:

    Any particular reason for avoiding electric juicers?

  20. sasesi87 says:

    @fruitbatanne acid fruits may drop your teeth? as claimed by other fruitarians?

  21. rawgosia says:

    I love oranges! :) ))

  22. fruitbatanne says:

    Dear underthesea12345 ♥
    Thank you for your comment.♥
    I think the Orange Juice diet is a good way to release extra weight.
    I never had any acidity issues with my Oranges, but I make sure they are properly tree-ripe.
    Some people do, howvever, find that Oranges are too acidic for their stomach.
    I believe that we are all different, so have to find what works best for us personally.
    Best Wishes with any Orange juice dieting ♥
    Love and Peaches,
    from Anne XX.

  23. underthesea12345 says:

    i have been very inspired by your drive for this diet i love oranges.

    however, i am trying to lose weight, and i think this diet can solve my problem. do you think it is advisable to go on this diet to lose weight? :) i want to have a healthier body physically and mentally.
    And, drinking only orange juice, doesn’t that make you acidic or prone to stomach ulcer? i’m new to this and got lots of questions. sorry!

    Please inform me about this. thank you so much. continue to inspire other people!

  24. violethgjls says:

    everytime I see a fruitarian woman I notice that their skin Is AMAZING!
    You’re beautiful, keep it up

  25. fruitbatanne says:

    Dear Xsliceofheavenx ♥
    Thank you for your comment ♥
    I feel that for a mono diet you can use whatever juicy fruit appeals to you and works best for you as an individual.
    Personally, Grapefruit does not appeal to me, but you have to go with what works for you.
    Have a Peachy Day XX

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