Mushrooms (Chicken of the Woods)!!!!

Join Mighty as he forages for wild edible mushrooms!
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This is my haul video of my recent purchase from 100% pure. I love this company!!!!!! I will review the mascara in another post. Please feel free to check my old blog post on this product
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  1. dagda16 says:

    also just learned that Verpa bohemica resembles morels, though they can be told apart, and one only has to worry about V. bohemica if they eat a ton of them

  2. dagda16 says:

    cool video Jeremy. just one clarification about puffball mushrooms. YOUNG, very poisonous Amanitas, such as Amanita phalloides (death cap) and destroying angels (A. bisporigera, A. ocreata, and A. virosa) resemble puffballs in their immature phase. But that looks like an awesome farm you’re working on, and really cool that you get to sell wild mushrooms to restaurants in Manhattan.
    ~Fungi from the #1823

  3. missantuna2 says:

    I recently found this company and I love thier product! I love the acai anti-aging eye cream.

  4. mssuburbanblues says:

    @productjunkiediva i’ll go check it out! thank you!

  5. productjunkiediva says:

    @mssuburbanblues In more recent videos I reviewed their lip balm and mascara. If you go on hautelook{dot}com tonight there is a big 100% pure sale!!!

  6. mssuburbanblues says:

    they sell amazing cosmetics as well (:

  7. lilacs1986 says:

    I love those samples too I am not sure when you last ordered from them but now whenever you order anything you get a mixed bag of samples and I love that that way I get to try all sorts of scents, I still have yet to smell the chocolate stuff, what is that like? Is it just like a candy bar?

  8. productjunkiediva says:

    Thanks for the tea info!

  9. LidaRose1 says:

    this company also doesn’t use water as well. if you read the labels they replace water with tea or something not drying to skin :)

  10. pensopera says:

    their official site charges $5 for shipping on all items under $49 and $50 or more is free shipping; however, if you are CA residents you will have to pay a shippping cost and local sale tax. they also give out sample pkgs.

  11. productjunkiediva says:

    When you get to try the products, please let me know what you think. recently in NYC I saw a section in Duane Reade devoted to this company, I was shocked!!!

  12. productjunkiediva says:

    Thanks for watching, yes my peach lip butter is working out quite well…love it!

  13. productjunkiediva says:

    Yes, you are correct they do sell their products on QVC. However I never made a 100% pure purchase through QVC so I’m not sure about the shipping…sorry.
    Thanks for watching.

  14. msalkapone09 says:

    I believe this company sells items on Qvc.. I wonder how much is the shipping compared to the Q..

    take care-

  15. sistersledge22 says:

    I love this company! Susie is so awesome…I have been using the mascara for a while now and it is my fave!!! The strawberry lip butter is freaking awesome too! It smells like strawberry jam and its so moisturizing…Thanks for the haul

  16. prissyone98 says:

    Thank you I just found this company 2 nights ago, they are on my “wish List”. Can’t wait to try.

  17. productjunkiediva says:

    P.S. thanks for trying to help me to save my I appreciate it.

  18. productjunkiediva says:

    Ingredients for peach scrub: Organic Cabernet Grapeseed Oil1, Organic Rosehip Oil2, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice3, Organic Peach Flavor4, Extracts of Organic Grapefruit Seed1, Organic Cranberry4, Organic Cherry4, Organic Pomegranate4, Organic Raspberry4, Organic Blackberry4, Organic Rosemary4, Organic Goldenseal5, Organic Oregano3, Organic Thyme3 and Organic Cinnamon3, Vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate), Vitamin E (a-tocopherol)

  19. productjunkiediva says:

    I dont recall this company listing a shelf life ( I could be wrong) but I think it does have a shelf life because I have purchased some from B&BW and it seemed a little but when i get it directly from the company it’s perfect. Here is their ingredients list on the peach scrub…what do you think?- It will follow in my next reply.

  20. productjunkiediva says:

    thanks I purchased a sea salt a long time ago and I made a few scrubs. I’ve been meaning to do a video on it but never got around to it. One thing I couldn’t match though is the scent that you get from 100% pure…. I think my word count will blow up if i try to add this in the ingredients so i will list it in your other comment.

  21. productjunkiediva says:

    So glad that i can be of
    thanks so much for watching.

  22. productjunkiediva says:

    Hi I purchased 3 bags, 1 was just apple lotion, the second was just pinapple lotion and the third bag was mixed with various lotions and two different body washes. I read off the mixed bag in the video -it includes almond, pear, apple, and something else….cant recall it all right now but it’s in the video. I really hope they bring back this great offer….sigh.
    Thanks for watching!

  23. LadyBlackReign says:

    Do you know that your videos keep me from becoming a product junkie? LOL. I so appreciate the candor of your reviews. Thanks for sharing.

  24. DivaJacobs313 says:

    For any product to be able to sit on shelves for a period of time or if there is water in the product…. some type of preservative is use to prevent mold growth…. No matter how much they say a product is pure it is not… Unless it is handmade by someone and hasn’t been sitting on a shelf… Pineapple is a fragrance oil… again not natural… you can make your own body wash with liquid castile soap and add essential oils to scent….. like lemongrass & Pink Grapefruit….

  25. DivaJacobs313 says:

    Save your money…. Make your own all natural scrub… Go to the dollar store and buy some sea salt…. clean that old jar out and dry it… pour the sea salt in there to measure… pour in a bowl pour any kind of vegetable oil in it… just to cover…. mix… add a drop or two of food color and scent with a few drops of essential oil or fragrance oil… I can look at that and tell you it is not all natural… Peach is a fragrance oil therefore it is not all natural….

  26. oreodunker2 says:

    are they 50 packs of the same product?

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