My Organic Garden – Advantages Of Organic Farming

My Organic Garden – Advantages Of Organic Farming

Nowadays, there are many illnesses that are being discovered by doctors. Many say that these were caused by the natural evolution of disease-causing organisms. However, they also do not deny the argument that consuming pesticide- and chemical-laden farm products increases the risks of contracting these illnesses. This is the reason why there is a growing community of farmers who are embracing the advantages of organic farming.

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Organic farming is a farming method that embraces a natural approach in growing plants. It discourages the use of pesticides, chemicals and inorganic fertilizer. Instead, it promotes the use of compost as fertilizer and using other insects to control pests.

One of the advantages of organic farming is that you will not be affected by the harmful chemicals in the pesticides that were usually used in conventional farming methods. These chemicals cannot be eliminated by our body’s natural processes. Instead, they accumulate over time and raising our risks of suffering from cancer.

Another advantage is that it lowers the operating cost of the farmers. This is because they don’t have to spend money anymore in purchasing chemicals and fertilizers. This would enable them to expand their operations because of bigger profits. Furthermore, it would also mean additional employment for others in the community.

The debate is still raging between the disadvantages and advantages of organic farming within the agriculture industry. However, no matter what others may say, wouldn’t you have peace of mind if you know that what you are eating is not laced with poisonous chemicals and was packed with disease-causing substances?

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