My Organic Garden – What Is Organic Farming

My Organic Garden – What Is Organic Farming

Crop rotation, compost, green manure, mechanical cultivation and biological pest control. These are only a few terms that you would usually encounter when you try to look for answers on what is organic farming all about.

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Organic farming is a farming method that harnesses the natural processes of growing plants. It focuses on farming technologies that are able to get high yields from your farm without the negative effects to the environment. They oppose to the use of chemicals and inorganic fertilizers in growing the crops. This usually results in healthier farm products. This is because they are free from chemicals and other harmful substances used to make these pesticides and fertilizers.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who still have little idea on what is organic farming and its benefits. Perhaps this is because of the massive advertising campaign done by companies who would gain profit from manufacturing and selling products used in conventional farming methods. You could probably only find 2 out 10 articles about organic farming when you pick up an agricultural magazine.

This is quite disappointing considering that there is too much to gain in practicing organic farming. I’m not only referring to the health benefits that the consumers will get but also the economic potential that is being deprived to our poor farmers.

There is therefore a need for us, our government and agriculturists to actively promote and disseminate information on what is organic farming, its methodologies and benefits. It is still not too late for us to take on this advocacy. This is for us, our loved ones, our environment, and our future.

This author really finds organic farming and Advantages Of Organic Farming sensible.

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