My patio garden week 3

This is week 3 of my patio garden and I can’t believe how much it has grown!
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Learn about the materials you’ll need for square foot gardens with expert gardening tips in this free video clip on growing grid gardens. Expert: Yolanda Vanveen Contact: Bio: Yolanda Vanveen is sustainable gardener who lives in Kalama, Wash. Filmmaker: Daron Stetner
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  1. JusMeandmyPetMassage says:

    I know!!! I can’t believe it.

  2. healthyfastfoodstore says:

    wow, it’s really grown in just a few weeks!!

  3. Songer80 says:

    Damn!! I don’t see any ads…Why ARE they making these videos so short?!!! So annoying!!!

  4. marcjtdc says:

    just make one damn video!!! bwhy ten small ones?? EXPERT VILLAGE SUCKS ASS!!

  5. astrialkil says:

    U could but reaching in 3 ft is hard on a short persons back , the point of square foot gardening is not to EVER walk on the soil, this prevents compaction of the soil. if your tall i wouldn’t worry about it.

  6. monte6714 says:

    Why not just leave the boards at 6ft?

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