Natural Skin & Hair Care : How to Apply a Fruit Facial

Learn how to apply a natural fruit facial using papaya, banana and orange in this free video clip. Expert: Noopur Mishra Bio: Noopur Mishra is an immensely talented cook. Taken up cooking classes she has an knack of innovating new dishes that are still native to her culture. One of her specialties is sandwiches. Filmmaker: ANISH BHATIA

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  1. therealoracle says:

    i wish there were more of these videos…i love indian people!!!

  2. Snezhinka9 says:

    Indian accent is so cuuuuute :-) . And i like her tutorials very natural ingredients

  3. freebrook says:

    I LOVE Indian accents!

  4. sangini11 says:

    @sanjosestateboy ”the women is her mother u dumb fuck and shes dumb indian”.this is what u said,not to me.but u used profanities.

  5. sanjosestateboy says:

    @sangini11 wat did i said damm im from india to and u said i dont understand anything wat the hell u saying who are u cuz i dont rember saying anything to u

  6. sangini11 says:

    @sanjosestateboy .shut up.U have no right to talk about any country in such a derogative manner.use dictionary to understand what i wrote coz i guess u dont understand anything other than profanities.only those person use profanities who r unable to use civilized language n dont have the knowledge of the usage of vocabulary to put across their point

  7. platinumblondebiatch says:

    i love it when she says bananas.

  8. Nessule says:

    I love papaya and oranges! Oh gosh, this is just like when I made that face mask out of honey, sugar, and green tea. It smelled and tasted SO good, I wanted to eat it, not put it on my face.

  9. sanjosestateboy says:

    @123reviewer the women is her mother u dumb fuck and shes dumb indian

  10. sanjosestateboy says:

    @laprinszessa925 rubbing papaya dose it remove acne scars?

  11. sanjosestateboy says:

    u indian

  12. sailorskippiiz says:

    so do i…
    i find myself watching all her videos, not for the tips, but for her voice because it is so soothing

  13. laprinszessa925 says:

    yEA ME tOO ..

  14. heamaz says:

    @yanarene meeee tooooo soooo relaxing

  15. yessurmaster23 says:

    You bitches want to know the secret to the fountain of youth? Drink as much semen as you can and rub it on your face it will work great my bitch does it and it work great for her skin

  16. TheOrangebloods says:

    Do I want to eat it, or put it on my face? Decisions, decisions….

  17. trokool007 says:

    non hygiene at all….she mashed those fruits with her hands….long nails…..weird accent…..uhhhhhh

  18. 123reviewer says:

    i think u should apply these masks to a dummy because all u vids have this women and mabye she could get some side affects

  19. LVOWL says:

    yeah same! im drawn to accents, i love them! im watching like all of these videos because her voice is very calming and nice haha

  20. yanarene says:

    Most people find her accent annoying or difficult to understand, but for some reason, it doesn’t bother me. I find her voice relaxing. I wonder why.

  21. mexifaith says:

    There are certain fruits that contain acids that are actually exfoliating and good for those with acne prone skin.

  22. Ranjana95 says:

    why are you using ur hands to mush it? ew…

  23. jennie71379 says:

    yuck. get a blender!!!

  24. iSquishyxx says:

    “This will give you a nice glow”
    really? i think it will just give you a sticky face (:

  25. jenp27 says:

    mmm i think i’d want to make a fruit salad instead of have my face eat it

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