NetworkNewsToday: 19 December 2009 – The World Bank: Egypt: Egypt is managing waste by recycling solids like glass and metal, making compost from kitchen waste and capture and combustion of methane from landfills. Tons of trash from Cairo, Africas biggest metropolis is dumped at this facility south of the city every day. It is the end of the line and the start of a new one. Workers sort the garbage, taking out glass, paper, and plastics. A magnet sucks metal off the belt: these will be recycled and sold. Kitchen scraps and plants are piled into windrows and turned into compost that is sold to farmers. Cairo is aiming to treat 90 percent of its waste this way. SOUNDBITE (English) Fayez Mekhail, engineer, ECARU: Garbage is a treasure, if the men try to get benefit from it, so its very important for us in Egypt to get use from garbage and benefits from compost. But garbage disposal also can cause pollution, releasing gases such as methane that add to global warming. Work is underway in Egypt to put less in landfills by reusing more trash and by the capture and combustion of methane from the waste that is sent to landfills. With the World Bank as broker, this solid waste facility will be the first in Egypt to sell carbon credits to industrialized nations for recycling and composting. If they were just to put all of the garbage that is being reused into a landfill, it would release the equivalent of just over 500000 tons of emissions over seven years. The facility also makes
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