NightShades: Potato and Tomato

Patti Moreno shows you how she grows her night shade plants, heirloom tomatoes and heirloom potatoes. Visit This Video is available in all languages in Closed Caption Here is the Full Text NightShades: How to Grow Potato and Tomato (Music Playing) It is late spring and it is a great time to talk about tomato’s and potatoes. Both plants are part of the nightshade family and are native to the Americas. In order to grow potatoes, you have to held them with either soil or mulch. The tubers grow above the seed potatoes. And once you start seeing the flowers, you can begin harvesting them. And you can harvest them throughout the fall in temperate conditions. This year I purchased organic seed potato from Maine. And in this bed, I planted a large variety of potatoes, from an old blue variety to a cranberry red variety. I can not wait to start cooking them up. A Tomato is actually a fruit. A tomato is formed wherever you see a cluster of flowers. Tomato seeds need to be started indoors before the last day of frost and planted in your garden in mid-spring. It can take as little as 65 days to begin harvesting tomatoes in early varieties and as late as 95 days to begin harvest in the late tomato varieties. Heirloom tomatoes are some of the best tomatoes you can grow in your garden because of their the tastiest tomatoes you can grow in your garden. Other genetically modified tomatoes are not bred for taste, they are bred for size or color, whereas heirloom
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  5. balmainguy says:

    Any plant from the Solanaceae genus (family), many of which are poisonous.

  6. cucumber202 says:

    what do you mean by nightshade?????

  7. gabriellesunheart says:

    Tomatoes are techincally berries.

  8. milkmann62 says:

    I got something cutting my stems where the tomatos grow, what is it.. and how do I stop them?

  9. WoundedEgo says:

    3 methods of support. Useful to see all 3 choices presented in one video.

  10. EatTheWeeds says:

    Another great video… if you get to Florida, let’s compare notes and plants.

  11. dionysusstar says:

    Thanks for posting.

  12. bebop54 says:

    thanks for posting ….
    this time of year is great !

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