Nutrition Bar Review #5

Today I am reviewing two bars. I am actually recommending one after eating 10 bars. The two I am reviewing are the larabar chocolate coconut chew and the cliff bar in flavor chocolate chip. Watch to see what I thought….. I am 50% through all the bars.
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  1. Ninetybean says:

    @Ninetybean The first ingredient is rice syrup(sweetener) and it contains “natural” flavors.. Do you even know what natural flavors are?

  2. Ninetybean says:

    The Lara bar is actually good for you. They have a total of 3-5 ingredients no added sweetener. cliff bar is full of shit you don’t want to be eating. If you want a sweet snack eat some fruit!

  3. chacha0978 says:

    lmao i love how you talk and i love these bar reviews

  4. TheParrillaCompany says:

    Are they sweet and where can I get them?

  5. thekassandracomplex says:

    What’s so nutritious about this dead food? You can keep it on your shelf a decade and still it won’t change. And just cause it says it has minerals, vitamins etc., doesn’t mean it’s the truth.

  6. imlivingandlearning says:

    No. I’ll have to see if I can find it.

  7. crystalAura says:

    Sushi reminds me a little of her too.

    Have you seen Beautician and the Beast? lol One of the funniest!

  8. Totalpkg07 says:

    who doesn’t like processed food or eat processed food.? I LOVE PROCESSED FOODS. As a matter of fact, I love food period.

  9. imlivingandlearning says:

    Hi Sushi! This has NOTHING to do w/the video subject at hand but I had to post this SOMEWHERE. LOL It JUST occurred to me that u remind me of Fran Drescher! LOL That’s a compliment. :-)

  10. pjojo451 says:

    I like the Lara Bars, the apple pie and the cashew cookie

  11. puuurdypatty says:

    hence the word “LOSS” you find what you lose…lol i prefer the “gone” word for getting rid of weight.

  12. puuurdypatty says:

    i noticed that too,and candy bars. i wish i had the courage to eat candy bars in moderation!

  13. Rabbitfootie says:

    Maybe after you finish the meal replacement bars you can review 1. Meal replacement shakes 2. Health smoothies or anything else healthy and low in calories. As for me the bars always make me hungry so I opt for meal replacement shakes they fill me up. Thanks for your reviews keep them coming very interesting topic for me. :)

  14. HealthIsInPlease says:

    I’ve noticed she really likes processed foods..

  15. macomarell says:

    I am not surprised you would prefer a processed, unhealthy (candy) bar.
    There is more to food than taste, to me anyway. To me food has to be healthy and processed soy and whey is not.
    I would suggest not eating any of the so called health bars.
    I have enjoyed the reviews and your pro and con.

  16. sushicatny says:

    I know people who did the master cleanse, lost weight on it then gained more then they lost after doing it, its a fake weight loss that can do more bad then good, unless ur already in great shape and expierence with that sort of thing.

  17. 503408 says:

    takes notes…thinking about doing a master cleanse then eating these

  18. nellie58 says:

    Lara Bars are actually my choice, they don’t have any preservatives or weird chemicals in them, soy actually makes me gain weight like crazy. I personally will sacrifice taste for good sound nutrition. I can’t eat a whole Lara Bar in one sitting, they are so rich.

  19. turtlegurl06 says:

    The thing about the Lara Bars is that they are all natural, raw, organic and totally unprocessed in any way. Raw Fooders love them. The best one I’ve had (and I’ve had most all of the flavors) is the Cashew Cookie. It is really good. You will like it.

  20. faith8412 says:

    Cliff bars are alright, kinda high in calories. Are you getting tired of the bars yet? LOL I can only do so many of them then I have to take a break. Good review!

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