Organic Farming

Organic Farming

The farming in old fashion which is known otherwise as non organic farming, consisted of using various chemicals and pesticides to fight against various pest infestations as well as for the production of better crops.

The aim of organic farming is to produce livestock and crops by making use of economic, humane and environmental systems that are available naturally to the maximum level. For organic farming to function, we need two things. One is the presence of a land which is very fertile and which will aid in the healthy growing of various crops. The second factor is the availability of people who will be working on the land which has been chosen.

The following are the major factors to be considered if you are choosing to go ahead with the concept of organic farming:

1. The land which has been chosen for organic farming should contain soil that can be utilised for long periods of time without the usage of artificial fertilisers which are normally used while non organic farming.
2. The crops which are produce by organic farming must be given care in a very careful manner by avoiding the use of pesticides and herbicides.
3. The residues of the organic materials as well as the livestock must be recycled so that these can be used as manure for the crops grown via organic farming.
4. The growth of weeds as well as infestation of insects needs to be given proper control by employing the technique of crop rotation in organic farming. This indicates to avoiding the usage of scientific methods which are normally employed in non organic farming.
5. Do not opt for using the genetic engineering method for growing animals on the organic farming method.
Finally, the various effects the organic farming will have on the environment must be assessed thoroughly.

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