Organic Gardening (2-year automatic renewal)

Organic Gardening (2-year automatic renewal)

Since 1942, Organic Gardening has been delivering well-researched, practical and timely information and useful products and services. As the essential resource for any gardener, it provides current and authoritative information, with a focus on making the process of gardening fun and easy.

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  1. Kitten Kisser says:

    Review by Kitten Kisser for Organic Gardening (2-year automatic renewal)
    This is a pretty decent magazine for organic gardeners. It is rather thin though. I haven’t found myself needing some of the info given, but other articles have been useful. This of course makes sense because we all grow different things! There are articles that aren’t related to gardening. For example, the issue of organic & non organic milk. I think this would relate more to an issue on farming not gardening. Plus it wasn’t even about raising your own cows, it was about factory cows, milk in the store. Anyway, it’s a decent source for the beginner. The best resource out there is the Rodales Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening. It is simply PACKED with useful information.

  2. Steven D. Lee says:

    Review by Steven D. Lee for Organic Gardening (2-year automatic renewal)
    Sometimes the small gardener, the home gardener needs some help. This magazine provides easy to understand how-to’s and good reviews and information on planting and nurturing plants depending on area, weather, etc.

    I would highly recommend it!

  3. gardeneye says:

    Review by gardeneye for Organic Gardening (2-year automatic renewal)
    I’ve received the magazine for a few years and its pretty good. Not so much groundbreaking, but some interesting articles. But I give it one star because of new policies in place. I got a pretty nasty letter from the “Rodele Credit Department” (the publisher of OG) with harsh phrases like “in an attempt to collect this debt…”, “to give you a chance to resolve this matter before it goes further…”. “You must respond to this letter to resolve this matter.” I thought, wow, this is how you ask me to renew my subscription? Using strong-arm tactics for renewal of a Green Magazine? This is unexpected. I’m feeling bullied.

    Talking to their customer service today, twice, they freely admit that customers are slammed into auto-renewal if they don’t respond saying “no” to something I don’t even remember receiving. Then they are threatened with collection procedures for not paying “what I already owe”. Yuk! Double yuk! This can be straightened out with a phone call, and they say they won’t ding my credit report for “non-payment”, they allowed me to “cancel”. But who needs this? Who wants a magazine that wants to add stress to my life?

    Come on Rodele, clean up your act please. Treat us with dignity and courtesy and we’ll be loyal customers. Hazing and threatening us is not the experience we’re looking for.

  4. M. Ericson says:

    Review by M. Ericson for Organic Gardening (2-year automatic renewal)
    I do like this magazine and read it cover to cover when it arrives, however, I noticed that since the new editor took over (summer 09), the amount of content related to specific gardening advice has decreased. This content has been replaced by more enviro-social-health information that is available in the other Rodale subscription I have (Bicycling). Since I am looking for a magazine that focuses on gardening I have let my subscription lapse and will be purchasing Fine Gardening this year instead. I bought a copy and it is full of great beginner gardening tips!

  5. Cali Books and More says:

    Review by Cali Books and More for Organic Gardening (2-year automatic renewal)
    Organic Gardening/Rodale Press has always given the public great value for our money. A winning magazine that’s chock full of information. Love it!

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