Pan Seared Chicken w/Strawberry’s & Balsamic Glaze

Strawberry’s aren’t just for Breakfast and Dessert! They are great for dinner!! For more delicious dinner recipes, please visit:

A video that I created for my A-Level art exam project. Theme: ‘Transitions’ Song: Soldier’s Poem – Muse Exam Time: 12 hours Editing Software: Final Cut Studio Pro (Please click ‘watch in high quality’ [beneath 'Views'] to watch!) The video is projected in the final piece alongside a second video projection of five pieces of fruit rotting, which can be found under the following link: —– The exam piece, centred around the theme of ‘Transitions’, takes its inspiration from the short movie Evolution, produced by Ogilvy & Mather as part of the ‘Campaign For Beauty’ by cosmetics giant, Dove. Whilst the concept has been extracted, the style and motion of this video is vastly different from that of Dove’s. The project combines two entirely separate transitions: time-lapsed rotting fruit, and a stylized video of an ordinary woman being transformed into a beautiful model for a cosmetics company. These two seemingly bizarre transitions present a stark contrast of ‘synthetic’ transition against ‘organic’ transition, and highlight the differences between each. As the fruit both rots and then replenishes, the viewer is left with an ambiguous interpretation as to how this parallels the video. On the one hand, the time-reversed clip of the natural decayed mess blossoming into plush, unblemished fruit parallels the face in the video by becoming falsely beautified and idealized. The fruit itself is, indeed, artificially enhanced by supermarkets who attempt to give an

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  1. drakio99 says:

    i tried this but i didnt have olive oil so i just used garlic butter and a little bit of conola oil. IT WAS STILL GREAT :D

  2. Didmyreturns says:


  3. daisyplayer says:

    this looks soooo good. i’m going to try this.

  4. cutecook410 says:

    Yummie that look’s so good are you a chef or just a home cook like me. I hope you subscribe to my videos will have soem up soon but will be off my cam on my computer i hope it works out well . I did a turkey soup but think was deleted also i need better light . I love to cook and you are a great cook also a healthy one. BYE KAREN

  5. BESO2ANA says:

    hahaha my mic girl u so good am trying that today my hubby will love it..thx

  6. sushipeep says:

    that looks soooooo yummy

  7. AmidProcrastination says:

    I love the transition from the computer picture to Clairol’s niceneasy box…….. brilliant……

  8. inkentplay says:

    the magic of airbrushing

  9. cyberdaemon says:

    Good video , only bad thing is that some asshole disabled an audio!

  10. Kizerlash says:

    that was extremely awesome, im giving you a five and cookie :)

  11. Shontay06 says:

    Wow that was amazing!!

  12. MessErr0r says:


  13. caspash13lds says:


  14. hergog32 says:

    awesomely !brutal truth

  15. planetvictoria says:

    what an amazing video!

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