Pests – pear midge maggots

In this imperfect world, there are many problems. Hey , you already knew that! In the context of tree fruit growing, there are many and various pests and diseases which (like the pear midge) can destroy your whole crop. I plan to put up a few videos about some of the more common problems. There is ethical and scientific controversy about how best to manage pest and disease problems. Basically there are 2 approaches-organic and conventional. There is some overlap, for example organic growers use some pesticides and conventional growers use methods like pheremone traps (for codling moth and plum maggot-I will deal with this later) which are ‘organic’ etc. This is a big debate and there is a lot of technical information and strong feelings. We need to stick to the facts and do more and better research, which IMHO should be government or not-for-profit foundation funded as big pharma will only research stuff it hopes to make money from, whereas the world needs cheap, safe, sustainable solutions to pests and diseases of food plants which don’t need too much high tech. I do NOT offer specific advice on how to control pests and diseases (not least for legal reasons) apart from study the facts, obey local laws, and SEVEN TIMES follow the instructions with any pesticides you use, but as a service to fellow fruit growers I share the information from my litle English orchard for what its worth. Anyone got any useful pest control information or resources, feel free to share it. Pear
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I have found the ultimate summer time cool-you-off treat!

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  1. ggmorvaj says:

    Should add….You have my sympathy, it looks like a destructive pest, & thank you for the excellent video.

  2. ggmorvaj says:

    This is the 1st time I’ve ever seen pear midge. It doesn’t seem to be prevalent in central Ontario(I don’t know about other parts of Canada).Actually,pears are really the only fruit that we can grow well without insecticide(I’ve tried).Apple maggot, plum curculio & codling moth are very destructive,here,but if they attack pears at all,they don’t do much damage, most of the pears are still useable. I don’t know if the climate here’s wrong for pear midge or if it hasn’t been introduced.

  3. lovemyfruitvegarden says:

    Thank you so much for responding to my question.I try to use as little pesticide as possible but as you say to get good fruit and vegetables some times you have to do what you need to do to get good results.and with three young children that have waited for three years to taste the fruit ,and to have the pests get then not the children it was so so sad

    please keep the vidieos comming

  4. stephenhayesuk says:

    One comment on the rights and wrongs of chemical pest control.

    The health benefits of eating fresh fruit are uncontested, right? We all know by intuition, experience and scientific research that this is so.

    some folks believe that pesticide residues are a cause of ill health. I’m not saying this is never so, but the level of evidence is WAY below that for the health benefits of eating more fruit.

    without pest control, we all get to eat A LOT LESS fruit. So lets think, not emote.

  5. stephenhayesuk says:

    sorry I can’t give specific advice of these varmints. As a general rule, hit with insecticide and fungicide BEFORE the blossom emerges and again AFTER it has fallen. This will tackle most pests without harming bees.

    Obey all local regulations, take care, keep records including time, wind direction, reason for spraying etc etc.

    Fruit pest and disease control is a big issue, too big for me to cover, its not like I had cracked it myself yet!

  6. lovemyfruitvegarden says:

    g,day mate. would like to thank you for your videos. i have a question to ask you or maybe some one out there.I have a lot of soldier beetles or if you call them harlequin bugs, that eat my fruit of the trees before my young children can get to enjoy them .Dose anyone know how to get ride of them? I live in south west Victoria Australia ,thanks and keep the videos coming.

  7. DamonBKnox says:

    Man Cain must have been frustrated too. Dang curse!!

  8. MadBadVoodo says:

    Five Stars!!

  9. nutella1ful says:


  10. bouncingsoul100 says:


  11. tweeetme says:

    lucky fruit bar

  12. TuxIsCool says:

    dammm you guys are like 18 now…jesus.. I dont like to think about that stuff anymore…

    Power ballads of the 80s m/ shall live onnnnn……

    I’ve been walking these streets at night
    Just trying to get it right
    It’s hard to see with so many around
    You know I don’t like being stuck in a crowd
    And the streets don’t change but maybe the name
    I ain’t got time for the game

  13. 69changes says:

    fuck yes. im a 90s baby but i know all about that. you need something cold freeze up kool-aid and tang with tooth picks and its allllllllllllllll good

  14. thorington says:

    .. as you type

  15. totalyradtwin says:

    I’m not from the 80′s but man…I know what your talking bout haha

  16. stickerhead60 says:

    i love them!!! eating a coconut one as we speak

  17. oshinkoboy says:

    That’s Whole Foods. They suck.

  18. TuxIsCool says:

    1980 then you know what im talking about hhaha… Kool-Aid and toothpicks mannn….

    And of course Tang…..that sh*t would fix any problem haha.

  19. skotnoctis says:

    1980 represent.

  20. TuxIsCool says:

    Yup throw in some Kool-Aid and toothpicks and freeze that damm thing….

    Anyone born in the 70s early 80s on this yoga page?

  21. TuxIsCool says:

    I been off this youtube for a while… So sorry for my late comment.. Those look good!!!

    I got the “Broke as Fuck” Brand they don’t taste too bad. Otter Pops are good too… Do they still make those these days?

  22. unique678 says:

    actually, the best ultimate is frozen water. maybe you can add some crystal light powder, and freeze it. THAT’S the best.

  23. unique678 says:

    lololol ur so seductive in this videoo!!

  24. diablodude18 says:

    loll thas unbelievely cute
    its like watching a fat kid eat cake haha
    i think i can make one if i smush an apple n put it in the freezer:P

  25. adamraymakers says:

    Never seen this brand in BC. But Im sure you could make something pretty similar with the right ingredients!

  26. skynet556 says:

    That’s pretty good, but I have some popsicles that burn 10 calories every time you eat one.

  27. xxbeautybabesxx says:

    that sounds good, but I have some popsicles that are only 10 calories :-P

  28. genericusername1 says:

    haha the music. I have to be honest though my summer time treat is beer. As long as you don’t drink a lot it’s still a treat! ! ! !

  29. frailmachinery says:

    I may or may not have a crush on you..

  30. sydneyca says:

    The carob bean turned me off.
    I’ve had it place of chocolate in non-dairy ice cream before and it was a horrifying experience. My friend gave it to me and didn’t tell me what is it was…I was a little upset. I can go for the non-dairy but don’t mess with my chocolate.

  31. travisd05 says:

    Strawberry would definitely be the flavor I’d choose…however, I have sensitive teeth and just watching you bite into that thing almost makes my teeth hurt. hehe

  32. TaraStilesYoga says:

    cool. I’m there quite a bit also when I’m in town. I’m in between that one and union sq

  33. TaraStilesYoga says:

    not getting paid by the fruit bar people. I just like them :)

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