Promoting Organic Garden Produce and Markets

Promoting Organic Garden Produce and Markets

Organic gardening and organic markets are widely popular due to their benefits to health and the environment. Organic gardening involves the use of all natural, organic fertilizers, soil amendments and enhancements to grow plants, flowers and organic produce. The fertilizers are usually water based and do not contain harmful, toxic chemicals. Communities who practice organic gardening usually organize an organic produce market. This is where organic gardeners congregate to sell different produce and organic food products. These markets are also venues where small business owners and investors discover new, marketable products.

Local produce markets help increase a local community’s revenues and resources. They also promote healthy living and the environment. Marketing these events can be challenging especially when they are locally based. Another marketing constraint to consider is the budget. When marketing resources are limited, one affordable yet effective alternative is the use of small print promotional materials. Organizers and promoters can print flyers, posters and brochures about this event. For promotional materials that can also serve as souvenirs or giveaways, organizers can print postcards, catalogs, or even calendars. Online printers today can print business cards, flyers, postcards and posters at very reasonable prices. Below are examples of common print materials and their uses:

Flyers-Flyers are fast and direct mediums to announce local events. Flyers can be distributed not only within the community but in other nearby areas or districts. Flyers today are now more graphically oriented and creative. Apart from full, front and back color printing, online printing services also offer free digital proofing and sample stock delivery. Online printers can also print bulk orders and have them delivered in as early as four days.

Postcards-A creative way to market organic fairs, markets and their products is to print them as images on postcards. This way, organic produce markets can become associated with a local community, neighborhood or town. Organic fairs can become cultural assets of a town and increase its value. The postcards can be given away as souvenirs to producers, organizers, sponsors or even distinguished guests. They can also be sold as special promotional gift items.

Nikki Sabato is a writer with a background in landscape architecture and design. She currently works in the field of marketing and design communication.

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