Raised Vegetable Garden Beds Are More Advantageous

Raised Vegetable Garden Beds Are More Advantageous

Raised beds are more advantageous than the normal beds is that since the plots are elevated the surface area available for plantation increases as compared to flat beds.

Also the soil in the raised beds is not compact because these beds are secluded and so no one walks on these beds. One more great advantage in raising the soil is the depth of that plot can be increased. The increase in depth of the soil can help plants that have long roots like carrot, beets and radishes to grow properly.

As these beds are raised they have a good draining capacity. It is beneficial to grow plants on raised beds especially in the winter season that is in cool climates. This is because when the soil is elevated a large portion of it is exposed to sunlight and hence can dry quickly and at the same time it can maintain warmth for a longer period.

The raised bed can increase the soil temperature by 8 to 13 degrees as compared to that of the soil at ground level. Thus in cool climates the excess moisture can be drained away quickly and the soil remains warmer.

The raised beds should not be more than four feet wide. Since such small plant is accessible from both the sides of the bed and there is no need to walk on such beds. If it is a larger area it is advisable to split the bed into smaller sizes for convenience.

Inside every bed it is not necessary to plant the crops in rows. They can be planted relatively close to each other to make the best utilization of the available space.

Raised vegetable growing is advantageous from the pest control point of view. The raised beds are generally secluded and are fenced by wooden fencing or a simple fence. But one can place the favorite food along with some germ killing medicine of these rodents, insects and other organisms at the fence itself.

Thus they cannot reach the vegetables and destroy them.

The raised types of beds also help in water conservation. The water irrigating systems are available for such raised beds. They supply water at the roots than on the leaves.

Thus this indirectly helps in preventing the diseases, which are caused due to wetting of the leaves of these vegetable plants. Nowadays special construction tips are available in books for designing these beds.

Even at home people can go for raised bed vegetable gardening by using small wooden blocks and raising its soil level suitably Since the raised beds have its distinct advantages people now prefer to raise the beds for vegetable growing by mounding the soil with the help of a shovel or rake.

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