Raw Model’s Greenhouse Dome April 2009

Spring is here! With warm air and water, life thrives! The greenhouse is a 22ft diameter circle (16 sides). About 14ft tall in the center. Perfect for growing more cold-tender fruit trees.

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  1. jimprice09 says:

    Hi Anthony !

    I m also a p90x er … (I m at day 270 :) )
    I have lose 40 pound ,right now I have a 10% body fat.
    But I want a 5 % body fat and look like the raw diet is a good way to achieve it!

    Do you grow all your food? does your geo green house have enough space to feed you during winter ?

    how much body fat have you lose during your first month of raw food diet?


  2. TruthSmack says:

    Very cool, I am happy for you. I’ve seen your smoothie videos before and now I must subscribe! You are doing gods work and I wish there were more of you. Have you ever heard of “codex alimentarius”? If not I think you would be very much interested in this. I also have a few more recommendations for the open, never-ending student mind of yours. Check out: fluoride deception, money as debt, freedom to fascism, ring of power, viberation creates form, Martin Brofman – when the healing happens. Thx!!

  3. GoddessSkyeBlu says:

    So inspiring. Many blessings for a bountiful harvest!

  4. blabityblabblab says:

    yet spelling is not one of those many benefits, as we can see via your example.

  5. robrec0rd says:

    And I LOVE your greenhouse! :) I am doing some planting myself, tho’ it’s outdoors on a larger plot. One day I hope to have a similar setup to yours. V inspiring; thanks for sharing it.

  6. robrec0rd says:

    That scratchy sound is because the volume of your recording has been raised too high. To avoid this, set the recording volume slightly lower, then use a limiter plugin on your voice before mixing with the music.

  7. izarob says:

    Yes indeed… With hemp you may have a trip without wasting any oil… XD

  8. lorenmark says:

    Dig the music ; ) and the greenhouse!

  9. Rawmodel says:

    The cherries and pears are going outside in one week! I didnt plant them last fall because I bought them too late in the season, and wanted to see if there was a difference in flowering (THERE WAS!).

    The tropicals have to stay in containers…its just too cold in the winter to place them in the greenhouse…they have to be “house” plants.

    Black sapotes…I talked about those towards the end of the vid. They are doing great. They are really healthy, but not much height yet!

  10. Rawmodel says:

    I know….:( I figured that was what was going on. Ill see what happens to it, Ive got a few more coming in may anyways…

  11. Rawmodel says:

    Rhetorical question…

    I know the values of hemp…it would free us from so many shackles that currently keep us tied to oil and oil-based food production. Hemp could SERIOUSLY save this planet.

  12. xBARNES187x says:

    no clue – but it is the most beutiful plant on the planet -mainly mentioned it 2 you cuz im shure you know the values of hemp/ u should jump on board that movment- tha fact that we cant grow industrial hemp in this country is rediculus – no need for oil or plastics — soooooooooooo many heath benefits

  13. Rawmodel says:

    would um…love to, but I cant break any rules. Anyways, lots and lots of family come by, so its a no-go anyways. When is medical marijuana coming to MN??

  14. Rawmodel says:

    Listen to izarob..the man knows his tropicals.

  15. izarob says:

    ghjjfsbf: Get a ‘condo mango’. There are fine tasting dwarf mangos (Mallika, Icecream, Fairchild, Cogshall, Lancetilla, Rosigold, Julie…), and some of them will hardly grow up more that 6 or 7 feets.

  16. izarob says:

    One more thing: If the persimon that has sprouted again was grafted, I´m afrid the new sprouts are from the rootstock, not from the persimon…

  17. izarob says:

    Hi Anthony!
    I´m amazed that you keep these cherry and pear trees inside the greenhouse. Aren´t they rustic enough to thrive outside? On the gound they will grow better.
    And what about your tropical trees? Why don´t you plant them on the ground instead keeping them in pots? They will fruit much earlier if you plant them on the greenhouse ground.
    And what happened with your black sapote seedlings?

  18. ebutuoy88 says:

    hm, that’s awesome then. I think I will do this when I get my own place.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  19. Inspire2Act says:

    Awesome! Gotta go out and get my hands dirty after watching this! Love the project Thanks for the update.

  20. rawutah says:

    Looks AMAZING! Love the tropicals…saving up for a cacao tree. Without your dome and garden videos…we wouldn’t be eating food out of our own garden right now….thanks for the inspiration!!

  21. Rawmodel says:

    I know I know!!! It pained me to see it. My dad says that there is a thick carpet of alfalfa and mics popping up…loosening the soil, and providing some structure. We’ve got lots of legumes growing around too. I wish I was there right now :(

  22. Rawmodel says:

    NO!!! Thats the beauty of it. As long as its sunny, that thing HEATS UP. And it heats up all the ground inside, which will then continue to give off heat throughout the night. As if it was a big heat storage container….which it is.

    In the cloudy winter, you can have troubles depending where you live, but with the hot tub and maybe a thermostat-heater, you should be fine!

  23. Rawmodel says:

    I noticed it too after posting the vid…there was a large echo too, and obviously I talk too loud in an attempt to be over-cautious that the cam can pick it up.

    Thanks again!

  24. Rawmodel says:

    SURE!!! We all think of mango trees as these massive organisms, but…they can be pruned from early on to have a nice “human-friendly” shape and size. As far as climate, that depends on where you live, or more accurately, how much you want to spend in the winter time keeping mango trees warm.

    Totally possible though! Im in ZONE 4 of all places! Anyone further south should be able to do it.

  25. BgnrMdl1 says:

    The bare soil! I hurts to see it Xo . Try and get some green manures/ground covers :D

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