Reasons to Start a Vegetable Garden

Reasons to Start a Vegetable Garden


Reasons to Start a Vegetable Garden – Starting a vegetable garden can have a vast number of benefits. Let start with some of the obvious:

No pesticides
– There have been over 30,000 chemicals introduced into our world since 1900 and most of them haven’t been tested for safety to humans if ingested. The problem is that we simply don’t know what our fruits and vegetables have been exposed too in the supermarkets.

Fresh Produce – When growing your own vegetables you only have to go into the garden to pick fresh produce on the day you require it. Supermarket chains have to purchase well in advance to allow for transport times and you don’t know how long it has been sitting around for or who has been handling the produce.

Vine Ripened – Do you remember what a real tomato tastes like? In your garden you will pick the fruit only when it has ripened allowing the phyto-nutrients to fill the fruit in the later stage of ripening. If you pick them too early, the goodness has not entered the fruit. Supermarkets want the produce to be in a “perfect appearance” so that the consumer is confused into thinking that it is the best. They will have the produce picked green, then they use GAS to artificially ripen the fruit. When this happens, the fruit is hard and devoid of most of the nutritional benefits…and there is little or no taste.

Some less obvious reasons to have vegetable garden are:

Get the kids involved – Getting the kids involved with the planting and watering of the garden is a great way to get them interested in fresh fruit and vegetables. They are more likely to consume the produce that they grow themselves.
Kids will have something to do other than playing video games or sitting in front of the Television. It helps with their education and more importantly, if they are consuming fresh vine ripened fruits and vegetables they will have long term benefits of boosted immune systems. And if despite all your efforts to get them to eat more fruit & veg, the chance to teach them about primary production and selling your produce to family and friends is a great exercise for financial education.

How much money could you save? The purchase of fruits and veg can be expensive, so if you only have to pick it fresh from the garden it means that you won’t overspend on produce that may spoil before you have time to eat it. Contrary to popular belief, Fruit does not ripen after being picked, It simply goes through different stages of rotting.

So next time you venture to the supermarket and get that nice firm bright red tomato and wonder why it resembles an apple with its crisp juicy texture, remember that science has given us the best tools to remove the fibre and nutrients from the the fruit, allowed us to gas the vegetables in order to make us think that we the tomato is full of Lycopene (The good stuff that a tomato is supposed to have when vine ripened) and genetically modified the plant to take up as much water as possible in order to get the maximum weight in the produce to reap more money.

Please note that in most cases, the farmers are not to blame for this, it is the relentless profit seeking of the supermarkets that dictate how the produce is to be delivered to them in order maximise their returns for longer shelf life produce with the false facade of perfect blemish free produce.

Just think, if it’s not good enough for the insects to eat, why do we??
Oh and if you think organic is better, it may not be in all cases. The idea of organic is great, but the commercial reality is that even this produce is generally picked before ripening and is not full of the goodness it should be. Granted, it should be chemical free (Which is fantastic!), but it still needs to be vine ripened in order to get the maximum benefit.

Tony Longbottom

Co-Founder and Director of, 2nd Dan Black Belt, Business Owner, Contact Email:

Co-Founder and Director of, 2nd Dan Black Belt, Business Owner, Contact Email:

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