Recycle Survival garden update – July 20, 2010 – prepper container gardening

Update on the container garden. The plants got plenty of rain water this week and I used collected rain run off as well, so they are doing better. The tomatoes are finally getting bigger and putting on fruit. I’m having a problem with squash bugs though so I don’t think I will get any squash variety veggies this time. Peas and beans are starting to grow. I’m seeing a few more sprouts. Tire potatoes are doing well but one isn’t growing. Cucumbers are starting to vine nice and I have baby cucs putting on. See my pickles video if you haven’t seen it yet. Watermelon and honey dew are doing well. White runners didn’t grow as well as I had planned. I figure on the beans, even if they don’t produce a big crop, I can save the seeds for next year as they are heirloom organic. be back next week with another update. If this video has been a blessing to you, please consider placing a small order in my AVON store:
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An Autumn Day at Moulsecoomb Forest Garden
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  1. bertly71 says:

    Nice idea. It will be interesting to see how it works.

  2. turleytho says:

    WE ARE ALL learning as we go.

  3. BewareofFlatteries says:

    Using cardboard boxes for beans. Great idea. I’m going to try that. The deer ate all our bean plants, but this may be the answer to it. The Deer off and electric fence did not work. The neighbors all lost their beans, too.
    Watch for blossom rot on tomatoes. Some Epsom salt helps for blossom rot.

  4. icanseetoo1 says:

    They look like they need water, tomatoes are 90% water they need moist soil all the time, not wet but moist

  5. Lavere2009 says:

    Rain water doesn’t have all the nasty poisonous chemicals we have in our normal drinking water. Shows you what is in our water is not so healthy for us.

  6. LazyGamerNyx says:

    I heard canola oil is a good bug repellent. Good luck!

  7. scutter4christ says:

    @evcrawfish Yeah, but I dont got me none of those. :o )

  8. scutter4christ says:

    @yedon68 But they did really well last year. Even in the smaller pots and I got quite a bit of produce out of them.

  9. yedon68 says:

    …well you said you were raised in the city…these plants WILL NOT…produce in sm pots…they NEED to be in the ground…w/ processed soil about a foot deep…LOL

  10. evcrawfish says:

    free range chickens eat bugs, also guinneas

  11. Brand0n777 says:

    @Brand0n777 “” dude to whats in the water.”" * due.

  12. Brand0n777 says:

    Heres a tip: When rain water isnt available, and you have to use water from the garden hose, dont get water from the hose on the leaves of the tomato plants. For some reason it slows their growth, dude to whats in the water.

  13. sibyllefrei says:

    yeah ! I miss england. This garden is great!
    many thanks for this experience!

    Sibylle from internatonal volunteering

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