Removing Tomato Suckers

The side shoots that show up between the stem and a branch of a tomato plant is a sucker. Farmers usually leave the suckers on the plant where each sucker turns into another branch with blossoms, fruit and more suckers. In a home garden where you may choose to grow your tomatoes vertically, it is important to remove the suckers. A tomato plant that has its suckers removed will set less fruit but the fruit will be larger.
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  1. 808kid96795 says:

    finally i know what the heck a sucker is!!! thank you!

  2. RuthKBond says:

    Wish I’d found this a long time ago. Now I need to know about the extra branches growing up from base level. Cheers thanks

  3. ParanormalPhotograph says:

    Well done!

  4. iampchaupt says:

    Great Job showing what a sucker looks like, so many vids just talk about them without actually showing you what they look like.

    Well done !

  5. bonnie43uk says:

    thanks for this, In england we eat the removed suckers , it makes us big and strong. One day we will form an army, and take over the world.

  6. who885 says:

    thank you so much im starting a garding and i have tomatoes this relly helped me

  7. joepatroni77 says:

    Finally I found a good quality, and perfecly explained up close idea of what it looks like. Most others just show from a distance and pinch away, and that defeated the purpose. Great vid!

  8. TheCarolynlowe says:

    Great clarity on the video and nice and short. I was embarrassed to ask my gardener who helped me what she meant.

  9. designlab443 says:

    very helpful, thank you!

  10. chicorie says:

    thanks alot! :)

  11. Skulls2300 says:

    very clear video, thanks :)

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