Spinosad Garden Insect Spray 32 oz. by Monterey

Spinosad Garden Insect Spray 32 oz. by Monterey

  • Organic active ingredient, produced by fermentation
  • New chemistry for insect control
  • B.t. replacement, more effective pest control
  • Can be used on vegetable & fruit crops, ornamentals, and turf
  • 32 oz. Concentrate


Spinosad is a relatively new insect killer that was discovered from soil in an abandoned rum distillery in 1982. Produced by fermentation, Spinosad can be used on outdoor ornamentals, lawns, vegetables and fruit trees, to control caterpillars, thrips, leafminers, borers, fruit flies, and more. Spinosad must be ingested by the insect, therefore it has little effect on sucking insects and non-target predatory insects. Spinosad is relatively fast acting. The pest insect dies within 1

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  1. CRbound3 says:

    Review by CRbound3 for Spinosad Garden Insect Spray 32 oz. by Monterey
    Have used this product and B.T. and have found Spinosad to be the most effective. Insects that I have used this product on include: Budworms, aphids, twin-spotted mites, leafhoppers, and grasshoppers. It WILL kill beneficial soft-bodied insects/predators such as praying mantis, spiders and others… but it is not a poison, and only works by contact so residual effects are null.

  2. Roy W. Hamilton says:

    Review by Roy W. Hamilton for Spinosad Garden Insect Spray 32 oz. by Monterey
    I had a infestation of Leaf Miners on my Zinnias,peppers and tomatoes. This product proved to be very effective after other broadband insecticides failed.

  3. M. Anderson says:

    Review by M. Anderson for Spinosad Garden Insect Spray 32 oz. by Monterey
    The spinosad organic spray had no effect on Mexican bean beetles when used as directed, even though they are one of the listed control insects. However, it was very effective against the Colorado potato beetle. After one spraying, the potato beetle larva were dead and have not returned. I had to use pyrethrin dust for the bean beetles and Neem oil for flea beetles.

  4. Retired Navy Guy says:

    Review by Retired Navy Guy for Spinosad Garden Insect Spray 32 oz. by Monterey
    This product just plain WORKS — I have fought leaf miners for several years in my tomatoes, basil and some of the flowers, this year I tried this product. My problem is down at least 90% only the petunias are not responding as well as other plants, but still problem is down at about 75%. It also has rid me of spider mites and aphids, so i don’t have to spray for them on the roses. I even have had great luck using it on roses when mixed with Bonide FungOnil, putting recommended amount of BOTH in my sprayer and completing two tasks at same time. I highly recommend Monterey’s Sipnosad.

  5. K. Muller says:

    Review by K. Muller for Spinosad Garden Insect Spray 32 oz. by Monterey
    If you have a problem with leafminers in your bushes this will get rid of them.I used Spinosad 4-5 years ago and this saved my arborvitaes. Unfotunitly my neighbors did not spray their arborvitaes and now they are digging them up. Also nice to know this is a more natural product.DO NOT USE WHEN Bee’S ARE ACTIVE THIS WILL KILL THEM!!!!! for best results Spinosan should be used early spring.

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