Starting an Edible Garden

Sign up for a newsletter and get a free herb. Have you ever wanted to have delicious herbs and fruit fresh off the plant? Well it’s easier than you think! Steve shows us how edible gardening is easy and extremely beneficial in this Nursery Note. Hello Steve McShane from McShane’s Nursery. Did you know that herbs are one of the longest cultivated plants on the planet for human consumption. That’s right, thousands of years. Herbs are fantastic, during this segment we’re going to talk more about edible gardening. Fruit trees, vegetables and herbs. Let’s start with the herbs right away. Some key things I can say about growing great herbs: build your soil. I studied soil science at Cal Poly for 5 years and that’s one thing I learned and it’s one thing I’m passionate about. Get a good soil builder like this gold rush right here that’s got a good balance of chicken manure, organic compost, well blended and well composted. Once you get that in your soil a few additives would help as well. This alfalfa meal is a great source of organic nitrogen. That does a lot for soil microbiology. As well, Kelp meal, the same type of idea. If you feed your soil, your soil will feed your plant. Once you get these in the ground, a good starter fertiilzer is a good idea as well. I always like to recommend the granular type though you could also use sachets that can be thrown into the soil, like these. Once you get your soil built and ready for action, then you’re ready to
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