SUN WARRIOR: Sun Warrior Berry Blast Smoothie P2

Join our Supercharged Holistic Social Network for the most cutting edge nutritional information from some of the top health experts on the planet! FREE videos, health secrets, and much more! Sun Warrior Super Antioxidant Berry Blast 1 whole coconut (meat & milk) or 1 whole orange peeled 2 scoops of SunWarrior Protein (vanilla or natural flavor) 1tbsp SunWarrior Activated Barley 4 or 5 Raw Brazil Nuts,1 or 2 tbsp Raw Walnuts, 1 tbsp of Chia Seeds 1 or 2 tbsp of pumpkin & sunflower seeds or 1 tbsp of Hemp oil, Flax oil, or Coconut oil 1 tbsp of Tocotrienols 1 tsp Camu Berry Powder 1 tsp Goji berry extract 1 tbsp of Carob Powder 1 tbsp of Bee Pollen All the following fruit has been frozen and placed into containers; organic frozen mixed berries, raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries. Frozen organic red grapes. Frozen sliced mango & papaya. 1 packet of frozen Acai. Blend at highest speed several times to make a creamy smoothie texture. Top off with a sprinkle of Organic Goji Berries and Cacao Nibs. Texture should be thick and eaten with a spoon. Enjoy! Buy SunWarrior Protein and key Superfoods from around the world at
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  1. rawnatureboy says:

    Thank you for you comment. If you do a
    Google search type in grape seeds and you will find several articles on grape seeds and grape seed extacts.If you take the seeds in whole form like i do make sure you have a high speed blender like a Vita mix or Blend Tec to break them down for better absorption.

  2. rawebutterflye says:

    Loved your video, very helpful info. Was interested in what you said about grapeseed and it helping in cancer….very interesting! Namaste, Elaina

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