Susan Kegley – Pesticide Contamination in Food

Complete video at: Dr. Susan Kegley, founder of the Pesticide Research Institute, discusses how susceptible various foods are to contamination by pesticide toxins. —– Are Pesticides Poisoning Our Children’s Future? Discussants include Gina Solomon, Susan Kegley, Tyrone Hayes, and Donique Brumley. William Grant chairs the panel. There is mounting evidence that man-made chemicals, notably pesticides, are accumulating in our environment, and that these chemicals may be far from benign. Hear from a distinguished panel of experts about the nature and magnitude of the potential harm and what we can do about it – The Commonwealth Club of California Dr. Susan Kegley is an organic chemist with expertise in pesticide toxicology, pollutant fate and transport; environmental monitoring and analytical chemistry; and experience with pesticide regulation, pesticide data sources and the pesticide toxicology and epidemiology literature. After 14 years of teaching, research and curriculum development in academia, Dr. Kegley worked as a Senior Scientist for nine years at Pesticide Action Network North America, a non-governmental, non-profit organization that works to promote sustainable alternatives to toxic pesticides. Dr. Kegley started Pesticide Research Institute in 2006.

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  1. willyD200 says:

    @Casey2570 Just curious, but what have you tried besides pesticides ?

  2. native1098 says:

    I spray myself with a light solution of blue dish soap before the leaves pop out and it is fine…. it will not hurt you or the ground water.

  3. native1098 says:

    copper tape is the cure for snails they hate the taste

  4. mariacwhittaker says:

    Hi, I hear you. I have a friend who raises organic peaches—in kansas. One trick wihich is already too late for you is to have fewer trees so as not to attract as many pests. My friend has only three or four and she has beautiful peaches and plums. Birds are her biggest problem.

  5. anaheim8012 says:

    Sacramones performance was terrible during the olympics and was the reason why Team USA lost. With that kind of performance and still made it to the national team, I wonder how many coaches did she have to sleep with in order to get the spot. Her ass is so fat, I think her ass is at least 20 pounds extra compared to her teammates. That was why she brought down Team USA. Stupid bitch should go to Jenny Craig. Alicia will go down as the worst, and most disgraceful gymnast in Olympic history.

  6. AgouraMo says:

    Thats interesting. I remember many years ago, I grew tomatoes used organic methods (may have been blessed by the Dali Lama) and what was the outcome? I had the biggest ripest SNAILS you ever saw.

  7. Casey2570 says:

    I would love to pay a lab to go into whole foods and test the “organic” peaches. Bet they are spraying when nobody is looking. I have 17 peach trees and If you can tell me how to get a peach without pesticides please please please give me instructions. The pesticides cost me couple 100 dollars a year cheaper to buy them in a supermarket but the ones in the supermarket taste like cardboard. An organic world is a world without peaches. I’ll keep my pesticides and my peaches..thanks

  8. krellerd says:

    How can you possibly watch this and conclude that this contains a negative statement about vegetarians? Have you ever heard about bio-accumulation? Fat soluble pesticides will be at concentrations in meat and animal fat that are orders of magnitude higher than in the plants that the animals were eating. People are using scientific methods to investigate pesticide contamination in food. This is important work. How can some dildo conclude that this is a statement against vegetarians?

  9. starpirateaji1 says:

    i hope this is a big “fuck you vegetarians”. I dont feel bad for eating meat.

  10. MicheasTheMighty says:

    I give up. Living life is like playing fucking Russian roulette. So ridiculous.

  11. Thirdeyewhiterose says:

    good…very good…it’s helpful…

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