Meet the Farmer: Patrick DeYoung, Blue Moon Organics

We visited Patrick DeYoung of Blue Moon Organics in Aptos, California in Spring 2008. He became a farmer after taking some time off from the stock market to surf. In this short video, he talks about growing strawberries for maximum flavor, how he uses bugs instead of pesticides, and how he treats the soil of their rented farm land to leave it better than before.

Kweku Ayuba – Ghana’s 2006 Best Pineapple Farmer

Meet Kweku Ayuba of the Blue Skies Organic Collective in the Central Region of Ghana. Kweku is the winner of the 2006 National Best Pineapple Farmer in Ghana.
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Meet the farmer: Blue Heron Farm

Farmer John Ceteras of Blue Heron Farm in Capay Valley, California, on the history and future of his organic farm. He grows delicious Washington Navel Oranges.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 -Ani Phyo on tour for Anis Raw Food Desserts speaks at World Fest, May 16, 2009. Ani talks about sugar and the importance of fiber. For more information on Ani, her books, free recipes, more videos, and organic ingredients, visit her at:
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The American Farmer Occupation Siskiyou Pewter Belt Buckle

The American Farmer Occupation Siskiyou Pewter Belt Buckle

  • 2.5″ X 3.5″
  • Siskiyou
  • Made in USA
  • Traditional prong and loop closure
  • Shipped in Protective Packaging

Fabulous 3D sculpted pewter images depicting THE AMERICAN FARMER done in a raised banner at the top. A large tractor fills the center. Behind it are the barn, farm animals and bales of grain. Across the bottom are the words: FEEDS THE WORLD to complete the thought.

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Price: $ 12.99