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Celeste Wheeler, from EB Stone, explains how to correctly plant a citrus tree. Whether planting in the ground or in a container, Celeste displays the most effective method for either planting option. From the type of fruit to the specific soil and location of the tree, the video depicts the significance of each key step and needed ingredients. Beginning with planting compost and cactus mix, to the addition of citrus food and chicken manure, these simple yet helpful hints make planting both fun and easy. For more information on the products used in this video please check out Check out more gardening how to videos at EB Stone’s Youtube channel! – http EB Stone Recipe Card -Location-Lots of sun and well drained soil -Hole should be as tall and twice as wide as the root ball -Mix original soil with EB Stone Planting Compost 50/50 -Place tree in hole and use EB Stone Organic Sure Start -Massage roots and add the soil compost mixture -Feed with EB Stone Organic Citrus Food -Top dress with EB Stone Chicken Manure
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Start Allotment Gardening Today!

Start Allotment Gardening Today!

In some areas allotments are like gold dust and there are long waiting lists. You may well be able to get around this by choosing another site or simply offering to take on an overgrown plot. If not, the good news is that an authority believes there is a real demand, it has statutory duty to provide a sufficient quantity of plots to lease them to people living in the local area.

The government website helpfully points that out ‘If local people feel there is a need for allotments which is not being met, they can get together a group of any six residents who are registered of the electoral role and put their case to the local authority’. You may find that you get six people together just by spending a Sunday afternoon at your nearest allotment. Alternatively you can put posters up at existing sites, in your library, local pub or anyway that may be of interest.

The National Society of Allotment Gardeners can offer helpful advice on getting the local council to take notice, and imagine the sense of satisfaction you’ll get from knowing you were instrumental is creating a brand new site!

Alternatively, if you want to get planting right away you could approach a neighbour or an existing allotmenteer who looks like they are struggling with their plot, and tactfully offer to lend a hand. They may well be delighted with the help and you can share the fruits of your labours, as well as tasks like watering and weeding. And unless you have a large family, a half-plot may be better suited to your needs at first. It’s well worth remembering that allotment sites vary in the facilities they offer, the rules and regulations they enforce, the rent charged and their attitude towards children, women, organics and so on. If you have a choice of sites, check them all before making a decision. Talk to plot holders to get a ‘feel’ of the place.

Location- Close to home, ideally within walking distance, is the most practical, and the most likely to retain your enthusiasm.

Check the sites rules and regulations- If you want to plant fruit trees, keep hens, paint your shed, use plastic mulch or grow flowers you may not be able to on some sites!

Do you hate bonfires? Some sites don’t allow them; others restrict burning to certain days of the week

The cost- The average annual rent for an allotment plot is £25- though rents can be as little as 50p or as much as £100. This usually includes the cost of water, but may not. They may also be reductions for pensioners and people on benefits

Organic plots- If you want to grow organically ask if there is a specific ‘organic area’. Don’t be put off if the answer is no. You can still run a successful organic plot, and, as you may succeed, others may follow. Organic vegetable gardening is very important for a lot of people.

Good society- Some allotment sites have a very active community with a trading shed, a meeting place or mentors offering to help newcomers for example.

Vandalism- By their very nature, allotments are at risk from vandalism. Ask about this!

Learn more about allotments and the resouces offered by the National Society of Allotment Gardeners. Enrich your knowledge about organic vegetable gardening from a trusted source

Vegetable Gardening Tips You Can Use Today

Vegetable Gardening Tips You Can Use Today

When I first started out gardening I wished that someone had a really good book on vegetable gardening tips.  Before learning from my grandfather, I tried to go out on my own and plant a garden and it was mildly successful.  By learning my gardening tips, you will make fewer mistakes!

It doesn’t matter if you are a flower Gardener or a vegetable Gardener, in this article you will get some of my my greatest gardening tips ever.  You will hear me talk about asking the older gardeners in your community for their secret gardening information, because it is vital to your success and it will save you from years of mistakes.

The first thing I want to talk about is mulching.  It’s imperative that you use mulch because it gives nutrients to the soil and it makes the garden look better.  Second thing I want talk about is the importance of keeping your plants healthy.  If you look out for the plants, they will look out for you, when it comes harvest time.  A healthy plant is a disease-resistant one!

My third topic is about those nasty pests and why we need to keep them from ruining our gardens.  There are many options available to eradicate pests from your garden and some Gardener’s advocate using a watery soap solution, but I say to do some research on using a water and garlic mixture.  There are companies that have all-natural organic sprays, that are effective all-natural pesticides.

When it comes to using fertilizers, your best bet is to go with an all-natural approach and that means using compost.  The chemical fertilizers are not healthy for the plants, they’re not healthy for you and they are not healthy for the environment.  What many people may not realize is, that chemical fertilizers can easily get into our water supplies.  Imagine trying to drink well water that is right next to a field that uses chemical fertilizers!

The next thing I want talk about is a suitable climate and you will need to do some research on your area’s climate and I would advise talking to the older folks in your area that are expert gardeners.  Simply ask them what kind of vegetables can grow in your climate.  I also advise getting a very good gardening video series, that answers in detail these types of questions.

Want to improve the value of your property?  Do some beautiful landscaping and planting  to make an exquisite garden.  Not to mention, this will help the value of your home go way up!   Make sure that you plant your trees in the right places.  You want the sun to hit your garden and you want the trees to protect your house.  

Earthworms are vital to a thriving garden, but remember toxic fertilizers will kill them.  Last but not least, the best time to water plants is during the morning.  There are many more gardening tips, but I wanted a hit on the basics to help get you started.  To learn all my gardening secrets click here!

DeWayne Weaver learned how to garden from his grandfather and now he wants to share his gardening tips with you at:

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Gardening in the shade
Guide – How to Garden in the shade
Gardening in the shade