The Fruit Market at Fairchild Farm in Homestead Florida

John of visits the Fruit Market at Fairchild Farm in Homestead Florida. They are open on the weekends. Check their web site at http for further information.

The San Antonio Botanical Gardens is known for showing of exotic plant life — like orchids and colorful roses. But in rear of the Botanical center more mundane plants are grown — back at the Children’s Vegetable Garden. Every Saturday morning children like nine-year old Ben Wenzel show up with their parents in tow to work on their assigned plot of land. And recently it was time for the big harvest Ben’s mom Laurie carries off their haul of produce in re-used plastic grocery bags. “We’ve got a couple of little turnips. We picked the little ones. We’ve got a bunch of tomatoes. Then I’ve got a bunch of spinach. We’ve got lots of green beans,” she said. This is the first year that the Wenzels have joined the children’s garden program — and they are amazed with the volume of groceries they are able to generate on their own. “We started everything just about from seeds. Just the tomato plants and a couple more were little plants. But everything else was seeds,” Laurie said. To participate children between the age of 8 and 13 pay a fee and are assigned a section of the gardens. The Botanical Gardens provide the seeds, fertilizers and starter plants. But more importantly they also provide the guidance and expertise of master gardeners like Joan Wells. She says she likes working with the children because they are eager to learn. “They want to learn about vegetable gardening. It’s a life long pleasure and a life long hobby that so many people have. It’s actually very healthy
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  1. inadvertentfarmer says:

    What a wonderful program to teach our next generation about ‘real food’, no box involved!

  2. homiescopies says:

    what a great program, were the white pvc pipes for irrigation ?
    did you use rain water basins ?

  3. suchandradasi says:

    I don’t think an organic garden is mundane, I think it is essential and useful. This is great! This is a GREAT thing to teach kids.

  4. janetgoehnerjacobs says:

    Great to see kids learning that there food really does touch dirt!

  5. deathify12295 says:

    they dont ._.

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