The Values Of Organic Gardening

The Values Of Organic Gardening

Organic gardening has been around for decades already and many people have been reaping the benefits of this method of gardening.  Organic gardening is a method of cultivating botanicals in such a way that there is no use of chemicals or substances that can bring harm to the environment and to the end user, which are the people.

In common or traditional gardening, pesticides and herbicides are added to the plants and soil to prevent pests such as insects and herbs from destroying the crops, unlike organic gardening. The use of these pesticides, herbicides and even some fertilizer can cause numerous conditions, illnesses and sickness in many people who consume the treated fruits, vegetables and food items. These have been brought to the attention of many people in many different organic gardening magazines.

Safety For The Environment

Organic gardening assures us that the environment does not receive any chemicals or deadly substances that can stay on the earth or sol for a longtime. Not using chemicals to prevent pests from bothering the crops can help the environment become less of a hazard to the people and more of a bountiful earth from which we can gather safe food. It is not only the people who benefits from the lack of chemical elements in the soil due to not using harmful pesticides and fertilizers, animals and other native species of plants in the area where organic gardening is promoted will flourish.

Safety For The People

Organic gardening promotes fewer chemicals in the food that we eat. This in itself is already a great help for most of the human race. Having food that is not tainted with deadly chemicals to make them look better, organic gardening has proven to be very beneficial for us, the consumers.

In the process of producing food and it reaching the consumers, we should not also forget that there are other people who will also benefit from organic gardening. These people are not just the consumers but also the workers who may be exposed to harmful chemicals when their employers do not practice organic gardening.

Farmers and workers exposed to the harmful chemicals in the pesticides and fertilizers often get sick or develop fatal conditions. The benefits that we achieve in practicing and supporting organic gardening methods far outweigh the benefits of using deadly chemical mixtures to eliminate unwanted pests. Organic gardening can help to lengthen the world’s life span and help make it more productive in the long run.

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