Trying to Get Pregnant? Eat Organic!

Trying to Get Pregnant? Eat Organic!

Organic food is quite popular these days with a lot of green grocers, supermarkets, and farms jumping into the bandwagon.


What does Organic Food Really Mean?

Real organic food means the food – whether it’s meat, poultry, fruit, or vegetables – has been raised using completely natural means.

In the case of fruit and vegetables this means the natural methods are used to grow and fertilize the plants and control the pests. There is no use of artificial chemicals such as fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides. The seedlings are raised naturally, instead of being raised from a Genetically Modified (GMO) species.

In the case of meat and poultry, the livestock are raised in the natural conditions, e.g. enough room to roam around, enough sunlight and fresh air, natural feeds are provided. The organic approach of livestock farming shuns the use of chemicals such as growth hormones, injections, or chemically enchanced feeds.


Why We Believe Eating Organic Food Increases Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

It’s because organic food does not contain traces of chemicals which may be present in the food not grown organically.

If the food is not grown organically, it can almost be guaranteed that chemicals will be used in the process. Vegetables and fruits will be sprayed with pesticides. Some livestock may be injected with growth hormones and antibiotics, and the rest will be raised with chemical assistance.


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You are What You Eat

The traces of chemicals used to grow these food do make it onto our dinner table.

There has been study in various universities about the link between residual pesticides and cancer. The use of growth enhancer and growth hormones in livestock has also sparked some cancer fears despite various health bodies declaring them to be safe.

The use of antibiotics in the livestock has been a subject of research as well, trying to study if there’s any link to the raise of antibiotic resistance bugs in humans.


But Organic Food is Too Expensive!

It’s true that organic food is quite expensive compared to the factory farmed. And it’s unfortunate that often those who have the real need to eat healthily can’t afford to do so.

If there’s anything we can suggest, at least start with organic chicken, free range eggs, and if possible organic meat. The protein from meat products is more readily digestible. Therefore, what’s inside the meat we eat is more readily absorbed by our body, whether it’s nutrients or harmful traces of chemical.

If you choose not to purchase organic vegetables, make sure you wash the vegetables thoroughly with water before cooking. This will hopefully remove most the traces of chemicals used throughout the growing process.


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