Twitter Song (Funny Rap Video) I Love Twitter Ft. World of Warcraft HD

I Love Twitter (featuring World of Warcraft WoW) Rate, Comment, Subscribe, Share. Music video making fun of the fact that Twitter is used mostly as an exercise in news feeding of the random, mundane and inconsequential. Digg us: Shot with Canon 5D mk2 Move over T-Pain and Kanye West! Starring the Eyepatchentertainmen crew: Mark Nicholson Zuriah Shara Akira Wing http Lyrics: (Rowwbot Voiiiiiiice) both eyes… to the screen when you tweet @ me you’ll see what I mean gonna fill you in on things I seen Random musings from day to day from the s*** I took to the noobs I slay if you look me up I think you’ll say man I wanna follow that guy all day Chorus: I love Twitter wanna tweet all night even if my posts are oh so trite I love Twitter Wanna make it my wife tweet about the things that consume my life I like cheese but it makes me sneeze if your fridge is too cold your food will freeze Indy 4 was a horrible movie but Max Payne was surprisingly decent typing away my latest thought from the creep I saw, to the watch I bought posting my rant about the troll I fought c*** can eat me I’m so proud of myself Chorus: I love Twitter wanna tweet all night even if my posts are oh so trite I love Twitter Wanna make it my wife tweet about the things that consume my life I look to the right and what do I see 17 people are following me 140 characters is all I can type I like being limited it makes me ripe (because I be an organic fruit from the
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Weekend joy and wrap up: art festival and gifts, nature appreciation, fresh organic locally grown tropical fruits, raw food motivations, living life to the fullest, creating LIFE and lovin’ it. Part 1: weekend update, happiness, fresh fruit show and tell Part 2: joy, new pottery and african print art show and tell, gratitude Your day is what YOU make it, handle it well and your outcome will be well!

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  1. shinyglove says:


  2. kimmy17x3 says:


  3. akirawing says:

    @ionutzvoicu74 Tamron 28-75mm f2.8

  4. ionutzvoicu74 says:

    @akirawing eos 5d mk 2 with what type of lens ? Please !!! Thank u

  5. ionutzvoicu74 says:

    @akirawing eos 5d mk 2 with what type of lens ? Please !!! Thank u

  6. ionutzvoicu74 says:

    @akirawing eos 5d mk 2 with what type of lens ? Please !!! Thank u

  7. amariaandvictoria says:


  8. CiaraXSnowiex3 says:

    This is my first time looking at this in ages, still epic dude :)

  9. ImLikeAsianLike says:


  10. DG2yum says:

    Noones perfected so shhh

  11. TakeYouToSchool says:

    fix your face

  12. TheAdzad says:

    woot! 1080p

  13. dewittbros says:

    Cinematography was nice…..but that song was obviously horrible…..Hit me up if you need writers.
    I like birthmark man……hes one of the coolest nicest guys on you tube….I hate being negative…but come on.
    Think before you post…..especially with nice cameras like your 5d II or 7D dont waste your time with bad music.

  14. clb103 says:

    u r a bitch

  15. peggy12139 says:


  16. RkfilmographyDotCom says:

    @fourth1000 and @Tzimnewman3…… really guys

  17. 055259634 says:

    whats with that guys face

  18. awesomenessinacan139 says:

    wooooooow, i didnt know anyone could suck this much!Thank you, this has been the most retarded learning experience i have ever had on the internet. :D

  19. TheCKproject says:

    @fourth1000 lol u guys arent really gonna fight so give it up

  20. gobbel600 says:

    ligten up guys. Nice shooting. Not the best song, but guess it wasnt meant to be.

  21. Tzimnewman3 says:

    Too late, I’ve already made your mothers legs weaken with orgasm.

    ass cunt

  22. fourth1000 says:

    go eat your mothers cunt, bitch.

  23. Tzimnewman3 says:

    Really, is that because your too pussy to come or is that because your pea size brain worked out you can’t offer fights unless they come from your place fuck wit.

    Now go and learn or do something which may help you.

  24. fourth1000 says:

    london, you get off easy pussy..

  25. Tzimnewman3 says:

    Fuck face, I tell you what!!!

    Outside Marble Arch Tube station tonight!!!!!!

    If your man enought!!!

  26. MissMatania says:

    OMG! Local grown Californian MANGOS, PAPAYAS…JACK FRUIT!!! Oh MY GOd!!!!!! omg u live in a heaven, Johny!! U live in a heaven place! wow! i just didn’t know that CA has so hot climat! Do they grow them in greenhouses or just in a fresh open air?? OMG that’s awesome!

  27. sierrabethcupcake says:

    You’re happiness makes me happy. Just watching your joy in life picks my spirits up :)
    Thank you.

  28. thumbelina0809 says:

    ohh i want to live in the bay area so much!! :D
    maybe i’ll go on holiday there this summer… :)

  29. fruitgrrl says:

    omg johnny, this may be the best spring summer ever! local coconuts, mangos, papayas and melons!!! thank you!

    first, i’ll check all my places here to see if they now carry any new local grown tropicals. i’ll let ya know if they dont, so then if you can, please ask andrea if she sells in the eastbay.

    altho if no go, im still going more fruity raw with all the local that is still plenty. plus the freckled banana’s on discount that get thrown away because people think they’re rotten.
    ; )

  30. MyOwnStickFigure says:

    lol drool for them baby! whatever makes you happy, healthy and excited about food! love u

  31. GraceKrgn says:

    You are so lucky to be able to buy papayas… I love them but you can’t find them here… and if they have them at the supermarkets they are the size of an apple :S

  32. insidethemusicbox11 says:

    mmmmm mangoes are my favorite fruit! so yummy and juicy and delicious. you’re making me drool on my keyboard.

  33. MyOwnStickFigure says:

    i love when you smile!

  34. MyOwnStickFigure says:

    Yes, coconuts as well, in Palmdale CA – listen I can ask Andrea, the seller, the name of the farm or what other markets she sells at in the bay area. I know she does the San Carlos Hot August farmer’s market … not sure about the East Bay, you may have to travel here but remember this is by season so if you want it now, you’ll have to get it a one of her current locations… she sells ALL sorts of asian fruits and tropical fruits… organic

  35. fruitgrrl says:

    what!!! papaya grown in ca???? omg, i never knew. is this a new thing?
    ok, im def going back to raw if its true. thats why i stopped.
    buying local for me became more important. now i can have both? i know its still gonna be limited, but first calif mangos and now papaya!!!

  36. 22patch22 says:

    you always make me smile angel – take care of you xxx

  37. lhsdixiedoll says:

    ok so its just how it is? thanks. im glad you replied. you seem extraordinary. and thats sincere

  38. MyOwnStickFigure says:

    well there are different kinds of papayas, basic ones and also solo ones that are the size of a big fist – those are yummy too!!!

  39. MyOwnStickFigure says:

    haha sexy!

  40. MyOwnStickFigure says:

    because they are uneducated on ripe fruit or they are turned off by the brown spots or super sweetness/taste of ripe bananas… it’s a crying shame people aren’t eating them ripe.

  41. 98874 says:

    oh my god your papayas are so big here in germany they are´nt so big they´re not bigger than a fist :O

  42. lhsdixiedoll says:

    if banana’s are ripe when they turn brown-ish then why do many people eat then when they’re still yellow-ish? I’m just curious

  43. peppernme says:

    Lee and I shared a mango last night!

  44. MyOwnStickFigure says:

    For sure!

  45. MyOwnStickFigure says:

    Yay, positive energy wears off on others. I love to spread it when I am really feeling it. It seems like lately there’s been a lot, why i ask myself? because I’m making it happen. Woohoo, sending you many mangoes!

  46. analooksgood says:

    Awh, thank you so much for this.
    Your attitude put me in a good mood :)

  47. wolffenhaus says:

    fun stuff

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