Tyrone Hayes – Pesticide Effects Can Span Generations

Complete video at: fora.tv UC-Berkeley Professor of Biology Tyrone Hayes describes how health effects from pesticide toxins can persist among subsequent generations. —— Are Pesticides Poisoning Our Children’s Future? Discussants include Gina Solomon, Susan Kegley, Tyrone Hayes, and Donique Brumley. William Grant chairs the panel. There is mounting evidence that man-made chemicals, notably pesticides, are accumulating in our environment, and that these chemicals may be far from benign. Hear from a distinguished panel of experts about the nature and magnitude of the potential harm and what we can do about it – The Commonwealth Club of California Tyrone Hayes is a professor in the Department of Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley. His research focuses on the role of steroid hormones in amphibian development and he conducts both laboratory and field studies in the US and Africa. The two main areas of interest are metamorphosis and sex differentiation. His work addresses problems on several levels including ecological, organismal, and molecular questions. Studies examine the effects of temperature on developmental rates, interactions between the thyroid hormones and steroids, and hormonal regulation of skin gland development.

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  1. mozart20dlubos says:

    He sent rude, unprofessional emails to Syngenta, now they’ve been leaked. What a disgrace to Berkeley.

  2. legendofakira says:


    keep going my friend. never stop!!!

  3. DWinter152 says:

    if Japan and the European Union can afford to ban this endocrine disruptor, along with hundreds of other hazardous chemicals, then why can’t the US?

  4. Kenju0830 says:

    I didn’t know that the United States is suffering from “starvation.”

  5. cutegal2402 says:

    Yes he is an idiot … until he gets some disease and then he will want to listen to some common sense.

  6. ricockulous7 says:

    Casey, you are an idiot

  7. talktotrey says:

    Thanks for sticking to the science.

  8. Casey2570 says:

    chicken little the sky is falling…there are toxic and carcinogenic components of every day things like coffee they arent killing us neither are ppm levels of pesticides. Pesticides are highly regulated and extensively tested. they make life in the modern world possible. If Tyrone wants to move into a hut in the jungle somewhere he can

  9. jben2north says:

    We use herbicides so that we can feed more people. This has the effects of lowering food costs, supporting larger human populations, and in some cases starvation prevention. If the negative results are sufficiently low, and the positive results are sufficiently high, then it may be an acceptable risk. Myself, I would want to hear from economists, agriculture officials, health officials, biologists, chemists and so forth before making a firm decision but the risk appears acceptable so far.

  10. xXAkridXx says:

    If I get cancer I’m suing everyone in the world.

  11. talkingofmichelangel says:

    The liberalism of Hayes’ institution might lead to an unfair position on pesticides if he were, say, a professor of architecture or Russian lit, but he’s not. He’s a biologist, and he’s making a case based on measurble, quantitative data.

    And yeah, you’re right. Nobody’s gotten sick. Ever.

  12. mratomix says:

    You are an idiot. Try and get accepted here.

  13. WinstonSmith says:

    Whoo69 said: “We use pesticides all the time for crops to protect them from bugs, but not everyone is gettin sick! Only a very small fraction, like a few thousand at most, get really sick from pesticides in food.” Once somebody close to you dies of cancer, you might think differently. There is plenty of evidence of connections between long term exposure to pesticides and cancer, and kids are especially vulnerable due to their size and metabolism. Just Google “cancer pesticide”.

  14. hayweird says:

    It’s interesting that some commenters are defending pesticides as safe. These guys might not get the chance to pass the effects to future generations.
    From the news yesterday…
    “WASHINGTON, April 29 (Reuters) – A chemical that comes from the pesticide DDT may raise a man’s risk of developing testicular cancer, U.S. researchers said on Tuesday.

    They found a clear link between testicular cancer and DDE, which is created when the body or the environment breaks down the pesticide DDT…”

  15. BecauseTheTruthHurts says:

    Did the public know right away that tobacco was bad for you? It was around for what, at least 40 years, before anyone suspected it as harmful. Now it is known without debate that it causes cancer, in a very clear, specific, predictable way. How long have pesticides been widely used?
    However, I understand the argument of not being able to know that it spans generations yet.
    Again, how is this fearmongering? If it is, what could possibly be their motive?

  16. Whoo69 says:

    Well, the leftist doomsayers, the same people that bitch about GM foods being “poisonous” and creating the term “frankenfood” have no evidence or mass deaths and sickness to prove their case, and the same goes for pesticides. It’s fearmongering. I’m supposed to believe this guy JUST NOW discovered that pesticidies “effects span generations”?? in 2000-fucking-8? How come no one could see this a lot sooner if it’s true? It’s suspect.

  17. BecauseTheTruthHurts says:

    lol. You mean “carcinogenic”?

    Only like a few thousand get really sick? Oh! Well fuck it, bring it on then!

    So if it is fearmongering, what then is the motive/agenda behind it?

  18. BecauseTheTruthHurts says:

    Yeah, it must be that damn public ivy education that is turning them all into crazy, raving lefties!

  19. Whoo69 says:

    Ah, yes. He’s from Berkeley: Hippie Town USA. A college name synonymous with leftists. I think about 95% of people think of hippies or raving leftists when they hear the word “Berkeley.”

  20. Whoo69 says:

    lol. seriously? Is he another one of those anti-pesticide ultraliberal nuts who also thinks GM foods are “poisonous” with absolutely no evidence to back up such a wild assertion? Aren’t all these ridiculous claims about pesticides being “cancerous” and such a bane on our health just fearmongering? We use pesticides all the time for crops to protect them from bugs, but not everyone is gettin sick! Only a very small fraction, like a few thousand at most, get really sick from pesticides in food.

  21. GOPsithlord says:

    I wonder what Dr.Hayes thinks about GE foods.

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