Understanding Organic Farming Pesticides

Understanding Organic Farming Pesticides

Organic farming has come on in leaps in bounds over the last couple of years. In previous years a whole range of toxins and chemicals were used to get rid of unwanted pests and to preserve the crops and people didn’t know what harm it was causing to them as well as to the environment.

Since organic pesticides have been introduced there has been a vast improvement in all vegetables and fruits. Farmers are happy to go this route even though it is more expensive, but a homemade organic pesticide can also be made and work just as well. There are many advantages besides the health factor. For one, it produces a larger variety of vegetable or fruit. There are more nutrients, preventing people with allergies from reacting as they were with the chemicals that were added before.

When shopping for organic products make sure the USDA label is present on the package. This means that it is 100% organic and only organic pesticides have been used. Shopping for organic vegetables can become quite pricey. This is because of the extra effort and expense incurred by the agricultural industry. One way to get around this is to do your shopping at a farmer’s market. If you are interested in vegetable gardening it may be an idea to start an organic vegetable garden yourself using organic pesticides for vegetables and maybe also companion planting. Some people get together in a community at a local farm. To do this you would buy a few shares and it is also a great experience.

Using organic pesticides

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