Vegetable Garden – Fertilizing – Tilling – Planting

Applying fertilizer, tilling, making rows, planting and watering. Visit “The Bayou Gardener” in South Louisiana at
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our February garden

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  1. webcajun says:

    @ryuson2000 … I’ll apply fertilizer in the fall where the corn will be planted the following spring. Will be doing some of that today……..Donald

  2. ryuson2000 says:

    fertizing b4 tilling? :o interesting…

  3. taylormccoy says:

    @webcajun ooohhh i didnt know then never mind we did although come through treeport

  4. webcajun says:

    @taylormccoy … Ya’ll have counties and we have parishes. If you ever come through and see the sign Hamburg, then you’re real close to where I live…….Donald

  5. taylormccoy says:

    hey donald i was just in parish louisiana last this week delievering cattle trailers when i saw the highway sign and it said parish i thought of your videos

  6. OFChang says:

    @scott1506 come on now, let’s live together in perfect harmony :-)

  7. webcajun says:

    @scott1506 …. may need it this year……. Donald

  8. scott1506 says:

    well ive got a big big comby harverster an ill give you the keys!

  9. webcajun says:

    It’s a good idea to get your seeds early. Lots of new gardeners ordering seeds these days……… Donald

  10. niffer58 says:

    wow. pretty nice way of doing that. i am going to have to do it the hard way by hand. just collecting seeds for now. next year i will start.

  11. webcajun says:

    My spreader is an Agri-Fab. Cheap but does what I need. I’m sure there are some a lot better but I’ve never had a problem. Wash it out after applying fertilizer and give it a shot of oil here and there and it’ll last for many years…….. Donald

  12. dlt205 says:

    What kind of tow behind spreader do you use and recommend? Most of the ones I checked out have bad reviews. I really enjoy your videos!

  13. webcajun says:

    Hey Tom … the rows had been drawn for some time and grass was starting to grow. I like starting out with a clean seed bed so I wanted to get rid of the grass. Just re-hipping would have only taken care of the sides of the row and not the top. That’s why I really don’t recommend drawing rows until you’re ready to plant. If it starts raining before you can get back in there, the grass and weeds will grow. Oh, retirement is 100 times better than you could ever imagine. LOL …. Donald

  14. tejava says:

    Nice Video Donald! Curious, why do you have to bust a row after you have tilled, then hip a row? Nice equipment you have. I live in the Washington DC area and grow my stuff in planter boxes. I can’t wait to retire and do it the right way, your way! Appreciate the great video!!! Thanks, -Tom

  15. webcajun says:

    It’s a King Kutter II, 5 foot model. One of the best buys I’ve made……. Donald

  16. kbj76 says:

    Nice video!! What kind of tiller is that? I am looking to buy one in the next couple of years.

  17. webcajun says:

    Go to my web site.

  18. georgiagardener31787 says:

    I have some questions that i need answered….i have a rather big garden and my family have comed to rely on “put up” vegs….from garden…i am looking to get the most out of garden….i have many qyestions…is there an email that i can contact…..?

  19. georgiagardener31787 says:

    i have a garden 72′ long by 58′ wide…looking for a way to maybe divide garden in order to keep out weeds…i have large equip…but as you say…lol…just to lazy…i plant tomatoe, bellpep, okra, squash, corn, kentwond pole b(1 row only lol) watermelon, cannelope, honneydew…..among others…i need suggestions on the outline…i have thought of raised beds for some…need help…oh …does a “prine” really help before planting?

  20. webcajun says:

    Go to my website where you will find a link on the home page to a company that sells them. thebayougardener . com

  21. bjones1728 says:

    I must ask? I have looked all over for a hiper like you have, and have not been able to find one yet! Where did you find yours. I have a tractor about the size of yours. I have found bigger but nothing to fit my tractor.

  22. webcajun says:

    When making a furrow with the tractor I use my middle buster. I can run it as deep or as shallow as I need depending on what I’m planting. I do understand what you’re saying, attaching the hoe would have saved a step…… Donald

  23. mywootgarden says:

    hey that last tilliing step with the manual hoe seemed unnesicerry. i bet with some wood or pvc pipes and some duct tape you could attach your hoe to the back of the last machine steps and with some consideration the hoe tool attachment could be removeabel and reuseabel so as to be an option…rambel~!

  24. webcajun says:

    No, I plant on 4 ft. wide rows. I’ll sometimes plant on flater ground for vegetables such as sweet corn, potatoes and okra then I’ll come back later and pull dirt to the plants as needed.

  25. odin422 says:

    do you ever use swales or rounded beds?

  26. paline07 says:

    Tylko pozazdrościć ;) )

  27. crystalAura says:

    : )) This makes me happy

  28. MrParuspalustris says:

    Taki ogrod to radosc, prawda?!

  29. 4007fairview says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your video!

    Debbie *Ü*

  30. chrlbaseball88 says:

    absolutely beautiful

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