Vegetable Garden Update #8

Here’s the latest update (8.05.09) of the vegetable garden. I’d love a little bit more sun to really start turning the tomatoes red, but they are growing and that’s a good sign. Everything else is growing very well. The only main change so far is that the zucchini plant was removed due to finishing its production of fruit for the season. It did well.
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  1. junglelover287b says:

    cool. i make my own compost as well.

  2. CyberCacique1 says:

    Indeed, it is organic. I can live with smaller fruit and lower yield any day. :) Although, the yield has been fine.

    My “fertilizer” is worm castings and home-made compost.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. junglelover287b says:

    is this organic gardening? or do you use chemicals? mine is all organic. tomatoes are a realy good, reliable crop for sure.

  4. CyberCacique1 says:

    SLOWLY getting better.

    Thanks for asking. :)

  5. CyberCacique1 says:

    thank you. working very hard on feeling better. :)

  6. Rideronthestorm82 says:

    Hows your achilles doing???

  7. buff122 says:

    nice garden. look forward to more updates. hope your feeling better.

  8. CyberCacique1 says:

    Thanks for the comment/rating.

    Yes, Celery can pack a huge flavor punch and it freezes very well to be used in various dishes/soups.

  9. CyberCacique1 says:

    Yes, the space is the most organized it has been since I have been gardening in it during the past 6yrs. I learn new things every year.

    I’m definitely trying to move around better. :)

    Thanks for stopping by.

  10. SleestaksRule says:

    I rate this 5 stars. Thanks for sharing your garden. I never tried celery, gotta try that next year!

  11. KayakFisher01 says:

    Your garden is really producing well for such a small space. I need to grow some different veggies like the swiss chard. Seems your getting around better too.

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