Video Recipe: Mango Lassi

In the country of India, this is very popular as a smoothie-type beverage with a special use– cooling the palette after a spicy meal. Chef Keith Snow of demonstrates how-to make this simple smoothie with mango and coconut.
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Watch Patti Moreno, the Garden Girl and Al, the Garden Kid plant strawberry plants together. Visit and sign up for a free subscription to Patti’s online magazine. Thanks for watching.

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  1. batmanfrank says:

    coconuts??? what???

  2. najfario says:

    Whack Recipe!

    Folks, add another mango and skip the coconut milk (use reg milk). Toss some ice and blend it. Thats the orig way to make it!!!!!!

  3. sabbirsa says:

    coconut in Lassi???? Oh well.

  4. bigerickproductions says:

    TOo Much Cream and COConuts -_-

  5. BestFruitNow says:

    I am gonna try this ! looks real good.

  6. NakedEyeFilm says:


  7. subrayo says:

    Avoid the coconuts, and the calorie count will drop significantly, I think.

  8. YouBetchYaBoots says:

    yum.. how many calories???

  9. subrayo says:

    Chef Snow, I have liked your videos, by and large.

    HOWEVER, this video on Mango Lassi is INACCURATE. Traditionally, Lassi is made with yogurt, sugar and cream.

    Variations (such as the addition of Mangoes) have gained a limited degree of acceptance, but i have never come across coconut being used to make Lassi.

  10. murphyld66 says:

    Do strawberries need a lot of light? What about water?

  11. EvaLongoria2009 says:

    I like your garden ;)

  12. KillaKushTv says:

    @chillsister I agree, I’m growing strawberries for the first time this year and they taste great.

  13. chillsister says:

    Strawberries we get in the stores these days look pretty, but are tasteless, probably a GMO variety. Also they are one of the crops most laden with pesticides. They are a waste of money. Better to plant you own, even if you only get to eat a handful. Try a hanging basket in a sunny window.

  14. Axbent says:

    the swedish name for strawberries can be translated to Eathling, or earth man…

  15. threezo says:

    great job! keep the fresh fruit coming!!

  16. GoodyGian says:

    I felt like I relived my childhood by watching this. It was like an episode of Gullah Gullah island. Thank you so much for doing what you do. Love & light to you guys!

  17. marshallhenderson81 says:

    I am doing this idea today! Only small scale, just 3 plants! I will make a video on it and give you a shoutout on it! I have already picked 4 berries from these plants and its not even June! Thanks for the great idea, check out my vids!

  18. wgseagal says:

    hey mine are coming out awesome i put some garden and flower soil compost tea on them and they are so healthy and are sprouting strawberries everywhere they are turning color know i cant wait i hope i get them before the squirrels

  19. x0x0melissa0x0x says:

    I loved seeing the great relationship you have with your daughter!

  20. wompasdub says:

    @pkripper32 years is too long to wait for strawberries :| I’ll just go to the store NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM

  21. brenatens says:

    I try to keep track of the plants I have planted… then when they are on their second year I pull them… I have to constantly thin out my strawberry bed because of the runners.

  22. crewlla says:

    @Praxxus55712 I agree even in my cold neck of the woods I get runners and I get strawberries every year.

  23. pkripper32 says:

    @Praxxus55712 I completely agree, darn things grow like weeds……albeit very tasty weeds. :-) That hundred she planted will be hard to keep in check after a while.

  24. shantihhh says:

    Please check out you info about planting strawberries each year. Strawberries are a perrenial. Each year they send out runners and viola another and another and another strawberry plant. Sort of like rabbits!

  25. wgseagal says:

    whats up in beautiful massachusetts this week love the video check out my video of my raised bed plants are getting huge in northcarolina in my bed also some strawberries are starting too come out .keep the videos coming

  26. jakearick says:

    Hahaha Praxxus I’ve had a patch for like 12 years they run everywhere!

  27. jakearick says:

    Haha I prauxus I wouldn’t expect anything else from you.

  28. jakearick says:

    i’ve had a strawberry patch for 12 years and I only planted a couple dozen. They send out runners like crazy. WARNING: may be invasive

  29. fr33dom101 says:

    @ForbiddenStallion – Yes, full sun.

  30. Beardedyoungman says:

    we still have frost and an occasional cold day but most days its soooo warm.. is it safe to plant them?

  31. JimboJitsu says:

    you are so lucky not to have deer! They love strawberries

  32. Praxxus55712 says:

    You don’t need to add more plants to a strawberry patch each year. They send out runners and add enough plants on their own. In fact they add sooooo many that you’ll have plantlettes to give to friends and family! :)

    Strawberries are my alltime favorite fruit. So delicious and so simple to grow.

  33. eicebleu says:

    @joewilder They’re not a breed picked or grown for their flavor, but instead for how they look on the shelves. Grow an heirloom variety.

  34. StevoJN says:

    I love your garden Patti!

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